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Examples of False Psychology

Sarah is graduating from college and she has several options for what to do next. She can move to a faraway city for graduate school, stay in her current town to live with her boyfriend, or take a year to travel on her own. Because the options were so varied and so high-stakes, Sarah felt rather nervous and confused. She is talking to her friends about this problem. One of Sarah’s closest friends, Margaret, urges her to read her astrological chart. In astrology, dating back thousands of years, the positions of celestial bodies are thought to influence the Earth and the personality of people. Margaret explains that a good astrologer can use information about the time and place of Sarah’s birth and compare it with the positions of the stars and planets at that time. This will give Sarah more information than just her astrological ‘sign’. Margaret tells Sarah how an astrological reading helped her better understand herself and decide what major she should major in college. Sarah is unsure, as she has never heard any convincing explanation for how astrology works. So Margaret suggested another idea: she could read psychics. A psychic can tune into a person’s energy and see the person’s past, present, and future, says Margaret. Margaret explains that a true psychic knows what we should be doing in the present because they can see what will happen in the future. Margaret mentions dozens of stories she reads online about psychics knowing the things they shouldn’t and helping people make choices. In fact, Margaret points out that her mother decided to marry her father on the advice of a psychic. Shop front windows advertise psychic readings to passersby Sign the psychic readingsRead more: what is the opposite of black | Top Q & ASarah truly respects her friend Margaret, a wise and caring woman. While Sarah considered seeing an astrologer or a psychic, she had so much trouble sleeping that she had to make an appointment with her doctor. The doctor encouraged her to see a psychologist to discuss her concerns and also prescribed her a short-term medication to help her sleep.

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False Psychology vs The Real Thing

Both astrology and psychics fall under the category of pseudo-psychology, because they do not follow the guidelines of the scientific method. There are a few ways they fail to do this: Read more: what is the purpose of establishing a network baseline? | Top Q&A

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