plague inc how to beat bacteria on normal

It is not easy to destroy all the inhabitants of Earth. Bacteria might be one of the earlier modes in Plague Inc, but it’s still pretty tough. You will need skill and a little luck to be able to successfully infect people. Developing the disease too early will cause it to lose traction, but developing it too late and you risk not being able to cure your evil plans. The sick are hugged, no one washes their hands, and the research doctors are all playing golf. Normal mode is where the challenge happens. Doctors are at work and everyone is taking some precautions to maintain proper hygiene Read: plague how to beat bacteria in normal mode We have put together a guide to help you achieve world domination.

Early game: Strong start

Ideally, you should start in a country with a large population and as many airports and seaports as possible so your disease can spread more easily. India and China are good candidates because of their size. Saudi Arabia has both a seaport and flights to every other airport Read more: How to install drivers for hp 8200 series printers Another successful strategy is to choose a country known to be hard to infect. You don’t have to worry about infecting Greenland or Madagascar if you start there, but this will slow down your game start. As you gain DNA points, you unlock the ability to upgrade your disease. In the early game, prioritize developments that make your disease contagious over deadly danger. The dead cannot infect anyone else. Avoid progressing too quickly, as this may draw attention to your disease and begin the search for a cure.

  • Water 1
  • Bird 1
  • Draw 1
  • Resistance 1
  • The resilience of bacteria 1
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Sometimes, your disease will mutate and develop symptoms at random. When these mutations appear, consider whether you want to keep them. Again, you want to make sure that your illness flies under control for as long as possible.

Mid-game: Disease transmission

Read more: how to wear spanx faux leather leggings Once your illness has gone into remission in some countries, you need to be contagious. These capabilities will be key:

  • The resilience of bacteria 2
  • The resilience of bacteria 3
  • 1 . cold resistance
  • Cold resistance 2

Game over: Reaching total visceral defeat

Once you’ve infected most of the world, it’s time to change strategy. Progression of symptoms branched into more dangerous ones. If you’re short on DNA points, consider developing some of the transmission methods you picked up early in the game. You’ll only get 2 DNA points back for each, but the transfer methods aren’t helpful at the end of the game; Your points should be better spent elsewhere. So at this point, researchers are working on a cure. The main way to stop them is to pop the blue bubble, but evolving abilities like Genetic Hardening and Genetic Regeneration will greatly reverse the healing process. clean k&n filter without set

  • Dry cough
  • Pneumonia
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Failure of all organs
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