Orthoboric Acid

Video What is orthoboric acid thoboric acid, also known simply as Boric Acid, has been a vital tool in pest control for many years, and for good reason: it works! Orthoboric acid has been successful in killing many nasty indoor pests with its natural and largely non-toxic ingredients. Shop our Orthoboric Acid products exclusively on this page and learn some background information and facts regarding this amazing pest control product.

What is Orthoboric Acid?


Orthoboric Acid is an organic active ingredient that contains the natural element boron. It has been regularly used in the US since 1948 as a natural pest control method to get rid of cockroaches, fleas, ants and silverfish. control compared to other more toxic synthetic chemical pesticides. For humans, it is considered almost as safe as common table salt. However, for most pests, exposure to Orthoboric Acid can be deadly, especially for cockroaches, ants, termites, silverfish, and other common household insects.

How does Orthoboric Acid work?

Mode of actionOrthoboric Acid’s mode of action and what makes it so effective in the pest control industry is its ability to kill insects without the use of highly toxic chemicals. When applied, the product acts as a stomach poison for insects that come into contact with Boric Acid or consume it. This powder is very abrasive and can penetrate the outer shells of many insects. The slow kill effect gives the cockroach a chance to return to the nest, where it will soon die. Other cockroaches will then eat the carcass of a cockroach that has consumed the Orthoboric Acid, eventually killing them as well. the queen herself consumed some, killed her, destroyed the colony.

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Benefits of Orthoboric Acid

What gives Orthoboric Acid an advantage over other pesticide options is its residual effect. It can still continue to kill long after it has been applied, up to a year. It also has no repellent properties so target pests won’t know to stay away from treated areas. in cracks and crevices or between walls to prevent insects from residing and surviving in those areas. It may also be scattered outside structures in lawns and fields as granular baits. Orthoboric acid is an important ingredient not only in pest control products, but can also be used as an antiseptic to tackle medical problems, as a skin preservative, lubricant and even for fireworks.

Disadvantages of Orthoboric Acid

Using too much Orthoboric Acid will interfere with its effectiveness. You should apply in small puffs that with the naked eye you can hardly see the dust settling. No visible piles or lines of Orthoboric Acid should be seen. In addition, Orthoboric Acid loses its effectiveness in wet areas. As long as the surface area remains dry, it will be an effective insect killer.

Is Orthoboric Acid Safe?

Read more: What color pink and green produce Although orthoboric acid powder is a very safe and naturally derived pesticide, it is still a poison and in certain doses, It can be dangerous to humans and animals. Please use Orthoboric Acid according to the instructions on the product label. Wear protective gear before coming into contact with Orthoboric Acid as a precaution. This may include gloves, protective masks, goggles and long-sleeved clothing.

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What to expect

Boric Acid dusting applicationOrthoboric Acid products usually come in a container where you can apply the product directly from the container, such as an applicator. However, the best way to use Orthoboric Acid in its powder or dust formulation is to use a hand-held pesticide vacuum cleaner. These dust covers can deliver a precise dust stream to target areas and can be easily applied to cracks and crevices where pests hide that other products may not reach. reachable. up to a year. An insect exposed to Orthoboric Acid will take about 72 hours to die from dehydration. The smaller nymphs will die in a shorter amount of time. We recommend using Orthoboric Acid together with another insecticide to kill insects faster instead of using it alone.

Ficam insect bait Produced by Solutions Pest & Lawn, Ficam is a ready-to-use granular insecticide to control a wide variety of crawling insects. Insects feed on prey and within a few weeks the colonies are eliminated. Ficam is weather and moisture resistant, making it effective indoors and outdoors for 100% guaranteed insect control.Boric acid dust (Borid) – Borid is made with orthoboric acid and is a long lasting dust for the treatment of Silverfish, Cockroaches and Ants. It is odorless and is also a natural product that is safe for children and pets.

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