Neural Sensor Farming Guide (Best Places To Farm Neural Sensors)

In this warframe guide you will find everything important about neurosensors and also the best places to farm these rare components. Well, these ingredients are relatively rare in the game, and they can be used to craft a variety of gears. You’ll need them to craft Forma and some Warframe systems and psychoactive potions along with other weapons. Although they are not the most common resources you can often gather without even noticing. They can drop from enemies here at any node. However, some nodes tend to be better than others at farming. Catch certain bosses or farm them in specific quests to easily get Neural Sensors. It’s not very likely that they will fall out of the container but there is always a possibility. It is more effective to kill multiple enemies on planets with Neural Sensors with the help of a team. This helps you maximize your chances of success on the run. It’s also good to use farming Warframes in endless quests that involve dropping Neural Sensors.

Where is the neural sensor farm?


Jupiter and Fort Kuva are the only locations to farm them.Fortress Kuva and Jupiter you have more experience and don’t mind the more complicated process.

The best neural sensor culture locations and tasks

Now let’s look at the best locations and tasks to feed the neural sensor:

#1 Taveuni – Kuva Fortress (Survival)

Taveuni - Kuva Fortress (neurosensory culture)Taveuni – Kuva Fortress As long as you can handle multiple enemies at once, Kuva Fortress is a good place to get Neural Sensors. However, if you follow a team, you can get a large number of them.

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#2 Cameria – Jupiter (Dark Sector Survival)

Cameria - Jupiter (neurosensory culture)Cameria – Jupiter: This Dark Sector survival quest can be compared to an infected variant of Elara (which happens to be another good Neural Sensor farming location). This makes it a better place to grow crops. This survival mission is quite easy to complete. Find somewhere on the map with only one entrance and stay there. The infection will come to you. If you can run a team with Nekros, you can use the Desecrate ability to get more loot from dead enemies. a stealth frame. That way, they can break out of the room you’re using as a base and get life support capsules without pulling the enemy away. This means you can stay on the farm for longer periods of time during the mission. Another trick is to bring along a Warframe like Hydroid or Nekros (or both) to force loot from enemies and speed up your Neural Sensor farming.

#3 Themisto – Jupiter (Assassination of Alad V)

Themisto - Jupiter (neural sensor culture)Themisto – Jupiter This is a common way to get Neural Sensors. Although it has to be done quickly, you don’t always get the ingredients you’re looking for. Try to rush through the level as quickly as possible, kill enemies and destroy lockers, the goal is to defeat Alad V and Zanuka. Once you do this, you can expect them to drop some of the Neural Sensors. You can also find loot containers and enemies drop loot along the way. Level up a few times and you can get a huge amount of resources. number of Neural Sensors without being overly complicated. Try five to ten Themisto runs in one session. You can kill Alad V more than once and get more Neural Sensors each time you do it.

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#4 Io – Jupiter (Defense against Corpus)

Io - Jupiter (neural sensor culture)Io – JupiterIo is another good node you can farm on Jupiter it’s not the best place to farm for Neural Sensors but if you just need a few nodes you can usually find your own need. You can also get Oxium as well as Relics by farming this node.Oxium is a resource you need a lot and Meso Relics are easier to find here than anywhere else. You can solo any of these matches but if you can go with a team, then you can expect better results.

The ultimate neural sensor culture tip

Note that the Neural Sensor drop is affected by whatever resource enhancer you’re using. You can buy these from the market. Consider buying a 3-day booster to increase your drop rate as well as a 3-day booster to double the resources you pick up. Smeeta Kavat’s charm can also increase the number of Neural Sensors you can get. on Jupiter). With the tips above, you now know how to most efficiently farm Neural Sensors and where to find them. If you need more, keep in mind that you can repeat Themisto on Jupiter a few times, pretty much guaranteeing you a good amount of Neural Sensors.

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