Nelle Is Nina’s Daughter on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Despite all the evidence, there are still some viewers who do not believe that Nelle is Nina’s daughter on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Their argument is that it makes no sense to reveal this now that Nelle is no longer on the soap, and with Nelle being such a troublemaker, they still believe she manipulated the situation. By some way. But that’s not the case, and the fact that Nelle is Nina’s long-lost child, a fact has been confirmed by the show’s writers. cause her to have a miscarriage. And while Nina is told that her baby is dead, it is later revealed that the newborn baby girl has been given to new parents and is still out there somewhere. Though Valentin tried to play the hero by finding her daughter, Sasha turned out to be just part of Cassadine’s elaborate plan to win back Nina’s heart.The clue to the identity of Nina’s long-lost daughter is a heart pendant that has been broken into two separate pieces. With Jax’s help, Nina spoke to the jeweler who created the necklace that led her to Phyllis, the nurse who nursed her in a coma. Phyllis admitted that she helped deliver the baby girl to a family in Florida and gave the child the other half of Nina’s necklace in case she wanted to reunite with her mother one day. when Nelle told Carly all about how she had grown up with Frank Benson, the adoptive father they both shared. Adult Nelle still had the necklace and was wearing it when she ran away, and she lost it just before falling off the cliff to her death. Little Avery picks up the necklace and travels around Charles Harbor until the truth is finally revealed that the necklace belongs to Nelle and Nina finally realizes her daughter’s true identity.GH Frank Carly NelleYoung Nelle wore half of her heart necklace when Carly visited Frank on topqa.infohnson/ However, some GH fans don’t believe it and even claim that Willow still has it. may be Nina’s child, citing a scene where she clearly reacts to the necklace Nina is holding and argues against myths such as Nelle stealing the necklace from Willow as a child. However, in an interview with Michael Fairman, lead author of GH, Dan O’Connor revealed that not only was it true, it was planned that way from the beginning. “The truth is, the idea that Nelle is Nina’s daughter was in the background of that character,” he said, “and over the past few years the story has evolved and we finally had to reveal the truth. for the audience. While delaying the reveal until Nelle has left the picture is certainly unusual, leaving Nina to mourn the loss of a daughter she never really knew, this is clear. Not the end of the story. Nelle has proven surprising in the past, so maybe she’s not as dead as everyone thinks and maybe Nina can finally have that reunion? You’ll definitely want to stay tuned to GH to see how this storyline continues!

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