Meso Relic Farm (How to Get Meso Relics)

Most people have very few Axi relics, but there’s no denying the lack of Meso’s relic in the game. The quests have a very bad drop chance compared to all the other relics and endless quest levels. to get all standard weapons and Warframes currently in rotation. Make sure to follow our tips and tricks and you’ll be able to get exactly the Meso relics you need.

The best places to farm the ruins of Meso


Here are the best Meso drop locations in order:

  • Io on Jupiter (Defense)
  • Ukko on Void (Capture)

Io, Jupiter – Defense

The best drop chance for Meso Ruins is found on either Io (Jupiter) or Paimon (Europa), with the first being the better choice – but not by much. Wisp Warframe: Second, the enemies are a few levels lower than the ones you’ll encounter on Paimon, which gives you the ability to clear waves a bit faster. at the end of a wave. This will make the whole mission last longer (even if it’s only 20 seconds for each drop to appear) and more annoying. release the Meso relic. With an 87.5% chance you can spawn in ten waves with two Meso relics, but sometimes you’re just unlucky and drop 15 Endo twice in a row. Other missions with better drop rates, so you’re stuck with that. The positive aspect here is that you can destroy waves pretty quickly, especially if you bring one of these Watch Warframes:

  • Mag: Playing a Greedy Pull construction on this map will not only kill everything in a very short amount of time (you can kill all ten waves in about eight minutes), but also gain a lot of important resources ( Hexenon and Oxium ) without trying to find them on the map.
  • Saryn: Don’t even bother with your Spore and get on with your Miasma build. Nuke everything, get some energy if needed and repeat. Playing Saryn can even be faster than Mag, but has the downside of energy issues and not getting the resources you might need without running around.
  • AoE-DPS: There are many different Warframes with area damage also a good enough option (but usually slower than Mag or Saryn). Banshee, Rhino, Mesa, or even a high-altitude Frost DPS build are all possible, simply because you just want to beat your way through the A-spin.
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If you don’t want to play DPS Warframe, you may prefer to play Speed ​​Nova. Amalgam units will spawn in the fifth and tenth wave.Deals damage by area and attacks all enemies on Io, Jupiter.

Ukko, Void – Capture

While this quest only has a 50% drop chance for a Meso relic (and a 50% drop chance for a Neo relic), the capture itself is super fast. quests, killing targets, unpacking and restarting quests will take some time), so you have a good chance of earning yourself a Meso relic drop in a short amount of time. The key here is really speed, so here are the Warframes you might want to think about:

  • Voltage: Bringing a Speed ​​Volt build to the mission should be your first choice if you have a powerful build. Dash to the capture target, kill it and then dash out – if you’re playing solo you can do this in less than a minute. Just make sure not to die while killing the target or while capturing it. Entering control mode and becoming invisible during capture will ensure that enemies cannot target you.
  • Ember: Activate your ‘World on Fire’ ability, run towards the marker and kill everything while chasing your capture target. This isn’t as fast as the Volt version, but you have a chance to pick up some resources along the way.
  • Loki: This is your safest bet when it comes to survivability. Use your ‘Invisibility’ skill, ignore anything and everyone, kill and capture your target and go to the exit. Super easy, super fast.
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While this quest has the potential to give you a lot of Meso relics in a short time, it also carries the potential to harm the RNG. So just run a few times and if you get bored, switch to Io, Jupiter, and try your luck there.


The ruins of Farming Meso are perhaps the most frustrating level of ruins to brood over. No quest has a 100% drop probability, and especially if you’re trying to get a specific relic, it can get boring very quickly. after that. There are also other quests with less chance of relegation, but changing the scene can sometimes work wonders. Try the Level 3 Bounty quests or for the Level 2 Intercept Chance. simply want to add your farming tips to the guide, leave us a comment!

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