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War of the Spark is almost upon us, and it’s shaping up to be something pretty special. Last week, we got our first look at some of the new cards we’ll be rolling out, including a fair share of the thirty-seven plane walkers that will battle it out on the machine. fly Ravnica. New iterations of fan favorites, as well as brand new characters, will be included in the biggest battle since the end of the Urza saga and everyone is on board. hype. However, there is one question that has the Vorthos community ‘pulled with excitement’ – one that concerns the identity of one of the new characters in the story. Just who is a wanderer?The Wanderer is a mysterious character new to Ravnica and, for the whole story, is unique in a number of ways. Based on the lore we were given, The Wanderer “is cursed to try not to walk on planes. Unlike other airliners, who get tired of walking on planes, The Wanderer can fly and then fly back almost immediately – but only because if she If she doesn’t focus, she will be randomly dragged from one plane to another. She also doesn’t have a card other than the necessary “Legendary” and “Pedestrian” ones common to all airmen. Her looks and enigma have the community engrossed in theorizing about this individual’s identity, including yours. Others believe she is a new character with no associated identity, introduced into the story simply to mess with Vorthos’. Others, like Pleasant Kenobi, have more outlandish ideas that have to be seen to be believed. However, there are a few theories that are constantly being put forward. Today I’m going to look at three such ideas and see if any of them can stay hydrated. So, what are we waiting for, let’s get down to the argument.Elspeth RebornThis was one of the first theories to gain any traction, and it’s not hard to see why. The Wanderer is a pure white hiking girl that fits Mana, like Elspeth in all her incarnations. Wanderer’s passive protects you and all your opponents, which has been pretty much shtick by Elspeth. Additionally, The Wanderer’s exorcism destroys powerful beings in much the same way as Elspeth, the Champion of the Sun. Overall, there are some convincing arguments for The Wanderer being reincarnated by Elspeth. There is only one problem with this theory.See source imageYES. Elspeth was slain by the god Heliod at the end of Theros’ story and now resides in the dead. Now since she was killed on this particular plane, it is possible that she escaped from the underworld and returned to the land of the living. But it would be a bit odd that the Wizards wouldn’t want to explore that arc in more detail since it could be an important plot point when we finally return to Theros. in common with Elspeth, the same could be on the same side as many other white Mana-matched walkers, such as Gideon. All in all, while it would be great to see a fan favorite like Elspeth return (and I believe she will very soon), I don’t think this is the time for that and it’s not the way she is. He returns to the story. But hey, I was wrong before.Descendants of Tetsuo UmezawaAnother theory circulating online is that The Wanderer is not an existing character but, in fact, a descendant of an older figure in the history of Magic, Tetsuo Umezawa. For those of you who are a bit behind on Magic lore, Tetsuo Umezawa is Nicol Bolas’ former servant who renounced allegiance to the dragon and defeated him. Since then, Bolas has plotted against his descendants, hunting them down and forcing them into hiding. Given that The Wanderer has an almost oriental aesthetic and is capable of taking down large creatures (like dragons), this has led some to conclude that she is another descendant of the infamous Tetsuo. Although I think there are some compelling arguments to be made, I believe this is also unlikely to be the case.Tetsuko Umezawa, The Fugitive - Dominaria MtG ArtWhile The Wanderer’s look and feel might see her as a relative of Tetsuo Umezawa, there’s one thing that goes against this – her energetic alignment. Tetsuo is famous for having the same color as his one-time master Nicol Bolas, which is the color of Grixis (Blue, Black and Red). Now, while there’s nothing stopping the descendants of a character from having a different energy alignment than their ancestors, the fact that Tetsuko shares a common color with Tetsuo makes it less likely (but not impossible) that we would see such a strong association skewed in another relative.A fragment of EmrakulIn the end, we come to the craziest and ‘out there’ theory I could come up with. Theorized that The Wanderer is Emrakul or at least a fragment of them. All right, listen to me. It seems like a ridiculous idea on paper. But if you give it a little thought, it starts to seem more doable than you think. The first thing we have to deal with is how a giant spaghetti monster from beyond the stars managed to find a humanoid woman. Well, the simple fact is that Emrakul has done this before in the history of Magic. Emrakul is not shown in the form of the angel Emeria while she is imprisoned in Zendikar’s plane. She also takes this form when chatting with Jace during the finale of the Shadows over Innistrad block. It should also be noted that Emeria is associated with white mana, the same color as The Wanderer. Also, if you look at The Wanderer’s art and design and compare it to the Emeriadepicted statue on the Shrine of the Forsaken Gods card, you’ll start to see some striking similarities. y no lo encuentro.— Nasan Magias (@NasanMagic) April 2, 2019 “But how could this happen!” I heard you ask? Isn’t Emrakul trapped in Innistrad’s moon? And how can she be a plane person? Well, it’s important to remember that Emrakul willingly allows herself to be trapped in the moon, tired of the events happening around her, and used as a pawn in someone else’s game. Therefore, we cannot say for sure that she was indeed trapped. And even if she was, while Eldrazi was imprisoned on Zendikar, they were still able to influence people and events, as evidenced by Zendikar’s infatuation with the vampire. what’s going on and if it’s time for her to free herself. That would explain why The Wanderer can’t stay in one place for so long and how she’s not as active as other plane walkers. It also explains how she can wipe out any threat she faces, as your average Amonkhet zombie will hardly be a problem for a near-indestructible elder. from the blind worlds. I really doubt that Wizards of the Coast is going to go for something so wild and alien. We’ll also need a good explanation of why Emrakul is currently helping our heroes, and why she would even care about their plight. However, part of being a Vorthos is the fun of speculating on wild and crazy things. The wanderer probably isn’t Emrakul, but it’s fun to imagine a world where she’s there. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what War of the Spark has in store for us. Perhaps The Wanderer will become one of the characters we discussed here today. Maybe they will be a completely different person. But if a character’s identity can create a lot of buzz around an upcoming series, the Wizards must be doing something right. Who do you think The Wanderer is? We’d love to know what you think, so why not leave your speculations in the comments section below. And while you’re at it, be sure to like and subscribe to stay up to date with everything we do here at Master of Magics. We also have a Sponsor, so if you want to support future content for the site, consider becoming one of our Patrons. Just $1 per month helps us create more of the content you love. But until next time, remember – no matter where you play or where you play, Good luck and have fun.

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