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Hollywood has one of the most beautiful actresses ever, and when we look at Mehgan James, the list also adds the word talent. Mehgan is the type of person who, without a doubt, perfectly defines the beauty of the brain. Bet you can’t argue that? In fact, acting is a very difficult job and not everyone can do it. Above all, Mehgan James is also a very popular reality TV star. Just like that, his actual career overtook her acting career.But, as we said earlier, Mehgan James also does it with ease and grace. People saw James on their television screens, and truth be told, they immediately fell in love with her. Everyone falls in love with her because of her charming and incredibly charming personality or her beautiful radiant smile that just sparkles on the TV screen. But the real question is do any of Mehgan’s fans know her behind the camera? Is Mehgan James the regular person behind all the production and scripting work on TV series? If you don’t have any idea about that, we will take care of it. Find out everything about Mehgan James in this post right here.

Early life


Mehgan James, American actress, reality TV star was born on February 11, 1990 in Houston, Texas, United States. She is currently 29 years old. Mehgan after being born grew up with her parents and she also belongs to a large family and is also the eldest child. Her parents bore six children in their marriage, and Mehgan is the oldest of all her six siblings. Mehgan grew up in a very traditional family and has always believed in kindness and honesty from a very young age. As a member of the American and African diaspora, Mehgan shares a common ethnicity and American citizenship. Mehgan is very secretive about all information about her family and parents. However, we do know that her parents are of African descent living in the United States. That’s why Mehgan has a very different personality.Mehgan James

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In terms of education, Mehgan has always proved herself to be an obedient and hardworking student from a very young age. She did well in school and attended a local high school in Houston, Texas. After graduating with very good grades, Mehgan thought about further study and getting a degree. She participated in many extracurricular activities related to acting from a very young age. To continue her education, Mehgan attended the University of Houston and graduated again with very good grades. Name Mehgan James Born February 11, 1990 Place of Birth Houston, Texas, United States Ethnicity Mixed height 5.6 ft Weight N/A Occupation Married actress No US citizenship Birth mark Aquarius Measures 34-26-37 Net Worth 400k USD

Megan James Personal Life

Mehgan previously dated a famous basketball player, Kendrick Brown. Kendrick Brown is a Boston Celtics player, and everyone considers him a huge star with extreme basketball talent. The couple started dating in the early 2010s, and since then they have become very inseparable. Mehgan then revealed that her relationship with Kendrick helped her a lot to become a cast member of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA TV series. But the breakup happened very naturally, they were not related by blood, after breaking up with Kendrick, Mehgan started dating another man. Coincidentally, her boyfriend is athletic. Mehgan started dating a famous NFL player named Kayvon Webster. Not only that, but Mehgan also has a unique interest in sports people and athletes as her relationships always tilt in that direction. She also dated Quincy Miller, a former Denver Nuggets player. Additionally, Mehgan is also dating DeAndre Perry, who everyone knows as a retired college football star. At some point in her life. Mehgan also dated Victor Cruz, who is best known as a player for the NY Giants.Mehgan James

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Rob Kardashian TV Series

In 2017, Mehgan started a very strange rumor when everyone suspected that she was dating Rob Kardashian. During that time, Rob had just broken up with fiancé Blac Chyna, and Mehgan was reported to have stepped in and started dating Rob Kardashian. While people are starting to believe that Rob says otherwise, in a public statement, Rob Kardashian completely denied that he was dating Mehgan James and even said that he had never met her in the first place. He firmly denied the rumor. Some time later, the tabloids suggested that Rob Kardashian and Mehgan James dating was just a staged by Mehgan to become more famous.


Mehgan made one of her first reality TV premieres, on a reality show that 50 Cent hosts called The Money and The Power. She went there and participated as a contestant. After showing a very good game, Mehgan became a finalist of the show. However, she did not win it. But, she earned a lot more there. After appearing on The Money and The Power, Mehgan got another offer and this time, from Bad Girls Club: Mexico. As everyone knows about her, it didn’t take long before she became a fan favorite and people started to love her. There she presented a game and charm so that no one could resist her. She then became a part of another instant TV show called Bad Girls All Star Battle, another spinoff of the original show. People loved her so much that the producers decided to put her back on the show.Mehgan appeared on the show for about a year from 2013 to 2014. She appeared there for 13 episodes, including two reunion episodes where the old actors meet again. Exposure to such a platform has presented Mehgan with many opportunities. She served as a presenter for the 2015 Reality Television Awards.

Other programs

After appearing in Bad Girls Club and its spin-off Bad Girls All Star Battle, Mehgan got another offer, and this time, she got one from Basketball Wives. LA. She started appearing on the show in 2015 and started doing her job, which the audience loves from Mehgan. This TV show includes Reality Stars participating in a marriage training program. Mehgan appeared on the show a year again and this time for only about 11 episodes. In 2015, she appeared as MJ in Dumbish. Then, after about two years, Mehgan appeared in The Fighters Prayer in 2017 as Glory. She again portrayed another character named Glory the same year in another film called Hogan.Mehgan James

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Real value

Mehgan is one of the biggest and most popular TV stars, earning herself a lot of fans and followers. Mehgan currently has almost a million subscribers on her Instagram platform and that is impressive. You know what’s more impressive? Her income for her sake is also abundant. Mehgan earns six figures per episode so you can get a clear idea of ​​what her net worth is. Mehgan lives a very lavish life. She is a person who loves to shop for new, unusual and always up to date fashion items. Currently, Mehgan has a huge net worth of more than 400 thousand USD, Mehgan earns even more money through appearances and advertisements.

Megan James Social Outreach

Twitter: @Mehgan JamesInstagram: @_mehganjFacebook: Mehgan James

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