mamma mia who is sophie’s dad

The big question about Mamma Mia still looms in the sequel 10 years after the first film – who is the biological father? Her ability to draw could have come from Sam, her musical ability from Harry, and her desire to travel could have come from Bill. The movies never confirmed it, but there were a few clues that convinced fans.

Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgard)


Bill’s conversation with Sophie when they first met led many to think he could be the father. Uh, Sophia? “Sophie: “It’s Sophie. “Bill: “Oh, Sophia is Greek. “Sophie:” Well, I was named after a Sophia. “Read More: Who Uses the Moon-Breathing Demon SlayerBill:” I used had a wonderful aunt who lived on land, named Sophia. “After that, at the bachelorette party, the bond was strengthened even more. by the elderly woman she took care of when I was a child, Sophia, for whom I am named. “Bill: “My great aunt Sophia? Sophie: “I guess so. “Bill: “I always heard her money was left to the family. “The problem with this is that Donna doesn’t know who her father is so naming her daughter after his cousin wouldn’t really be an indication.Who is Sophie's father in Mamma Mia? Fans believe we knowBUT Bill ran away, with Sophie following him. He’s the first potential dad she gets excited about before she realizes the others are actually possible candidates, too. [That’s the] Sophie was supposed to sing Bill the name of the game but it was cut, which would be the only song shared between Sophie and one of her possible fathers. Read more: Jennifer Knapp’s lesbian stories ‘too common’ | Top Q&AOther fans point to their common hair color as one reason since it’s recessive – although this is the movie, genetic hair color isn’t really considered much.

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Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan)

Sam becomes Sophie’s stepfather when he marries Donna, but does that make him her real father? But this does not make him a biological father.Who is Sophie's father in Mamma Mia? Fans believe we know

Harry Bright (Colin Firth)

Harry is one of the potential fathers. We find out Donna is the first woman he falls in love with – and also the last. After her wedding to an island man, onna wrote in her diary on August 11 that Harry was sweet and understanding when they were together. Donna shows him the island and sleeps with him “dotted and dotted.” They met in Paris and he followed her to the island. While there is a possibility that Harry is the father, he seems to be the least likely due to the small time frame and storyline that the producers then crafted for him.Who is Sophie's father in Mamma Mia? Fans believe we know

Who is the father in Mamma Mia?

In the finale of Mamma Mia, three potential fathers all agree to play the role of father in Sophie’s marries Donna and becomes Sophie’s stepfather. The idea is to let the viewer decide – the message is that it really doesn’t matter. We see all three of Sophie’s fathers play a role in her life. playlists on Spotify

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