Kiss him not me who does she end up with

Who is Serinuma Kae in the end?


Kae revealed that she has romantic feelings for Asuma Mutsumi only in the manga. Eventually, she and Mutsumi got married (now becoming her Kae Mutsumi) and she suggested starting with a guy named Shion Mutsumi.

Kissing him isn’t me BL?

For much of its existence, BL has received relatively little attention from the industrial market. In Kiss Him, Not Me Kae’s, good friend Amane Nakano keeps BL love from her boyfriend so he doesn’t break up with her. However, Kae brazenly shared her goals with her classmates, completely different from this concept.

Is Watashi ga motete Dousunda full?

Now Serinuma has grown into a gorgeous woman with her classmates, kouhai Shinomiya-kun, and her senpai Mutsumi. How will she deal with them…with thoughts of her fixed BL-filled fujoshi?… Episodes and chapters. Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda Authentic runs January 13, 2015 – September 2019 Episodes in progress Chapters completed

Is there season 2 of kiss him?

Read more: Which zoom man Alex cooper is dating So far, no innovation has been introduced for “Kiss Him, Not Me”. Sadly, the longer the sequence takes place and does not use innovation, the slimmer the probability it returns, especially with voice expertise and identical artwork paths.

Who married Serinuma?

In the manga, he transforms into Kae’s husband and Shion Mutsumi’s father… .Asuma Mutsumi. Profile Birthday October 31 Family Kazuma Mutsumi (Brother) Kae Serinuma (Spouse; manga only) Shion Mutsumi (boys only; manga manga)

Will Kae Serinuma get fat again?

In her attempt to create a Shion-themed confection for the Mirage Saga Valentine’s Day contest, Kae produced a multitude of different pastries. Not wanting to let multiple meals go to waste, the fujoshi indulged in most of the excess chocolate on their own, gaining the weight back in the span of a few days.

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What happened in his kiss not me?

The script. Kae Serinuma is a fujoshi, a female otaku who loves the study of yaoi and the shared male fantasy in romantic relationships, both fictional and factual. When one of her favorite anime characters is killed, Kae is so shocked that she locks herself in her room for a week.

Does Asuma like Kae?

Read more: One For My Baby: Looking back at Fallout: New Vegas’s best quest, Asuma initially thought his feelings for Kae were pure. His older brother’s looks and his pursuit of Kae made Asuma appreciate his true feelings for Kae: he’s been in love with Kae for a long time. At the end of chapter 45 (Seperate Manga), Kae realizes that she has reciprocated Asuma’s feelings.

Is Kae getting thinner again?

What should I watch if I like kissing him and not me?

So, let’s start with the list of 10 anime with the highest Kiss Him, Not Me-like content.

  • .
  • . My Next Life as a Villain: All Routes Lead to Doom!
  • . Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.
  • . Saekano: Learn how to increase a boring girlfriend.
  • . Floral fabric.
  • . Rainbow day.
  • . Magic-Kyun!
  • . Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

Who decided to kiss him and not me?

At the end of chapter 45 (Seperate Manga), Kae realizes that she has reciprocated Asuma’s feelings. At the end of chapter 46, Kae took her place and asked Asuma to develop into her boyfriend.

How much weight did Kae Chan lose?

Kae is a fujoshi in his second 12 months of high school and part of a past history member who becomes excited when he sees the two boys collectively. Initially chubby, Kae loses weight after every week mourning the passing of her favorite anime character, so she changes into a slimmer and more “attractive” one.

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