JFK conspiracy theory is debunked in Mexico 57 years after Kennedy assassination

Most of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have been disproved. Kennedy was not killed by an alien-activated gas-powered device or by the actor’s father Woody Harrelson. — who was later killed on live television while in police custody — that he was “just an asshole.” Some JFK assassination experts, like former New York Times investigative reporter Phillip Shenon, see Mexico as the best place to find answers about the possibility. conspiracy and who is behind it. Oswald’s Mexican visa from 1963, with immigration stamp. Mexican Interior Minister Just over a month before Kennedy was killed, Oswald took a bus from Texas to Mexico City. According to US and Mexican intelligence, Oswald arrived on the morning of Friday, September 27, 1963 and left very early on Wednesday, October 2. spy – or just a deranged killer? I researched that question while researching my book on Mexican conspiracy stories, and I think I found something everyone else missed: a hole in my own story. the man who started a tenacious conspiracy theory about Oswald’s Mexico Trip.

Mexican Communist City


Mexico was a hotbed of the Cold War in the mid-20th century, a haven for Soviet exiles, American leftists fleeing McCarthy’s anti-communist persecution and regime sympathizers. Cuba’s Castro degree. Each communist and democratic country has an embassy in Mexico City – the only place in the Western Hemisphere where these enemies coexist more or less openly.Black and white image of Trotsky and River shaking hands, with a smiling Sedova beside them Russian exile Leon Trotsky and his wife, Natalia Sedova, meet artist and communist Diego Rivera in Mexico City, 1937. Enrique Diaz / Galerie Bilderwelt / Getty Images According to witnesses from diplomatic missions Cuba and the Soviet Union, Oswald visited their embassies several times on Friday and Saturday. Oswald had a heated argument with the Cuban consul, Emilio Azcué. Oswald also forced a KGB volleyball match on Saturday morning to be canceled as he brandished his weapon at the Soviet consulate, before bursting into tears and walking away. monitor communist activity, even hiring 200 Mexican agents to help. The Mexican Secret Service, whose 1960s Mexican records have recently begun to be declassified, also tracked Oswald on September 27 and September 28, 1963. However, Oswald’s whereabouts for the next three and a half days, remains a mystery.Glove hand holding a paper report titled A Mexican intelligence report on Lee Harvey Oswald, declassified in 2019. Pedro Pardo / AFP via Getty Images

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Conspiracy theory is born

A major plot of Oswald’s undocumented time in Mexico City puts him in contact with dangerous Mexicans on the left side of the Cold War. One of them – Óscar Contreras Lartigue, a 28-year-old reporter for El Sol de Tampico – told Ruyle that he had met Oswald in 1963 when he was a law student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. ‘was in a pro-Castro group on campus and Oswald begged the group for help to get a Cuban visa. According to Contreras, Oswald spent two days with the students of this National Autonomous University, then met them again a few days later at the Cuban Embassy. He said he had been to Cuba, knew people in the Castro regime, and blew up a statue of the former Mexican president on campus in Mexico City. Contreras fears persecution because of his political activities, however, Contreras said this is not the first time he has shared his story. After JFK was shot, Contreras told Ruyle he commented to his editor that he had recently met Oswald.

Question Contreras

Contreras’ account alludes to previously unknown, suspicious connections between Oswald and communist Cuba that emerged shortly before JFK’s assassination. US government officials need to find out if Contreras is a reliable source.Black and white image of Oswald from the side and front Oswald’s mug shot. CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images: Three months after Ruyle’s happy hour, a CIA official from Mexico City went to Tampico to question Contreras. During the six-hour interrogation, Contreras still refused to go into details, but he said Oswald never mentioned the assassination – just that he said repeatedly that he “had to go to Cuba.” In 1978, a researcher from the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassins named Dan Hardway traveled to Mexico to investigate the assassination of JFK. The New York Times reporter Shenon, who interviewed Oscar Contreras for his 2013 book about the JFK assassination, also found Contreras to be trustworthy. Shenon wrote that Contreras – whom he calls a “famous journalist” – “went much further” in their interview than he did with the CIA, alleging “many connections” deeper between Oswald and Cuban agents in Mexico.” Dan Hardway, now human. a lawyer in West Virginia, still believes in Contreras. After reading Shenon’s book, he reiterated in 2015 that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been part of a broader Cuban intelligence network.

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Hole in the web

Óscar Contreras passed away in 2016 so I was unable to interview him myself.file 20201108 21 126szt1 4 A columnist ‘Sol de Tampico’ in 1963 by Contreras, according to Contreras, he fled the National Autonomous University campus and moved to Tampico around 1964. However, Contreras is also said to have spoken to His “editor” about his meeting with Oswald after the assassination of Kennedy in 1963. College journalism was not popular in Mexico, and Contreras was a law student. I think his hometown newspaper, El Sol de Tampico, may have the answer. Digging through its archives, I found that the paper ran a Sunday gossip column in the early 1960s called “Crisol” or “melting pot.” Óscar Contreras became a reporter for “Crisol” on June 6, 1963, and continued to write that gossip. in September and October of that year. While Lee Harvey Oswald is in Mexico City, Contreras in Tampico is 300 miles away. In the pompous prose, the faded editions of the local paper, he recounts the lavish wedding parties, quinceañeras, and yachting excursions of the Tampico elite.

Three dark days

I believe Sol de Tampico’s archive discredits Contereras’ account.Image of a Spanish newspaper with Contrera Contreras wrote to Sol de Tampico on October 6, 1963. Sol de Tampico A political reporter may live far from where his newspaper is published. But for a gossip columnist, that would be meaningless. This revelation pushes Oswald’s trip to Mexico in the fall of 1963 back into the dark. But most likely Mexico has no clue about JFK’s assassination. But from what we know of what Oswald did and didn’t do in Mexico City, he was a volatile loner, disorganized and unable even to handle travel logistics. And in Mexico, only leads are left.

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