It is what it is tattoo

While the guys of One Course seem to enjoy the tiny scribbles when it comes to smudging on our bodies, Louis eventually moved on to the bigger issues (though not fundamentally). higher) when he raised the ante and got a count of 78 and “That’s what” The chest tattoos. Each of Louis’ chest tattoos remained a horror movie for quite some time due to their inconspicuous placement and many people still didn’t know what Louis’ chest tattoos really meant. (Obviously Louis had to take off his shirt often.) Fear not, though; we’ve got the scoop on all of Louis Tomlinson’s tattoos and what they mean, so check back with us often as the One Course singer’s results are no ink!

“What is it” tattoo on Louis’ chest

Shortly after Harry Kinds debuted the two giant swallows tattoo on his chest, Louis Tomlinson used a swimsuit and got his personal giant chest tattoo researching “What It Is” in a scrolling script font ornate. Louis’ chest tattoo was done at a London tattoo shop in March 2013, and stretches from his left shoulder vertically all the way across his chest to his proper shoulder, simply above His tattoo number 78. Not only are we sure of what Louis Tomlinson was considering when he got the big ‘What is it’ tattoo on his chest, but we do know the meaning behind it. “It is What it Is” is the title of a song performed by the band Lifehouse, incorporating the lyrics: “We’ve been in denial for so long, now we’re both tired of trying / We right a wall and we can’t get over it / Nothing to come back to life, it’s water under the bridge / You said it, I get it, I guess what it is. ” Uh oh Louis, in trouble in heaven? Read: That’s what it’s tattoo

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Louis chest tattoo ‘Number 78

Read more: Percent of 0.5 Alternative: Louis Tomlinson’s mother revealed the meaning behind the singer’s mysterious “78” chest tattoo on Twitter in September 2013. In response to Johannah’s mother, “For to those who asked me about the ’78’ tattoo on Louis’ chest… It’s the house number of his Nan & Grandad, who he loves xxxx.” Oh my!! Louis is clearly defending the recollection of his late grandparents near his crowning heart. Very cute!louis tomlinson 78 tattoosJust below his “What is it” tattoo, Louis sports another one on his chest depicting the number 78 in a pale black and white design. Most people assume that Louis ’78’s chest tattoo actually picks the number 70, however, the white line that cuts through the center of the numbers simply makes seeing the line make the second number more obvious. 8 and not 0. That means there’s still a bit of horror behind Louis Tomlinson’s Tattoo, because the male singer hasn’t talked about ink in public, but now we’re on. there are some correct guesses as to what the number 78 might represent. Louis is clearly a huge fan of football (soccer), as he used to play earlier than his One Course days and really bought the football force of his city, The Three Horseshoes, in August 2012, after discovering that they did not have the funds to purchase new uniforms. Perhaps 78 was Louis’s uniform number again in his days? The number 78 can also be specific to 1978, like Justin Bieber’s 1975 tattoo on her chest and Selena Gomez’s 1976 tattoo on her neck. Did you learn what that means behind Louis’s 78 chests? Read more: What is the coldest layer of the atmosphere

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