Is Repairing Weapons and Armor Worth It?

Video Witcher 3 ways to repairThis page contains information on Is Weapon Repair Worth It? in the game The Witcher 3. Read on to learn more about how to repair items and the effect of reduced durability on equipment.

Is repairing weapons and armor worth it?


That’s right, your item repair plays an important role in achieving your maximum damage in battle. Fighting enemies with low durability weapons and armor can make combat extremely difficult. You can check your item’s durability percentage at the bottom of the window using the little hammer icon to the right. Any item with 99% durability or lower can be repaired to regain its best stats.

Effect of low durability

Read more: The zomboid project how to keep the character deadWorthy repair in progress - topqa.infoAny weapon loses maximum damage as durability drops. Total damage for each weapon is displayed next to the weapon’s damage with a negative red number. The same goes for Armors, as losing armor durability lowers Geralt’s defenses, making him more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

How do Weapons and Armor lose Durability?

Worthwhile repair - topqa.infoWeapon and armor durability will only decrease if you are hit by an enemy (for armor) or hit them with your sword (for weapons). Remember that weapons and armor inside the inventory will not lose their durability if they are not equipped.


Read more: how to remove support virus instantlyIs the repair worth it- Repair topqa.infoYou can repair your items through the Blacksmith and Blacksmith in exchange for coins, or by using Repair Kits from your inventory. There are many repair kits in the game that correspond to the type of item you are trying to repair. Weapon Repair Kits will only repair weapons and Armor Repair Kits will only repair armor. These Repair Kits can be used anywhere in the game by accessing your inventory. How durable is repaired will depend on the rarity of the Repair Kit you used.

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Where to get repair kits

Is the repair worth it - Banner 2.jpgYou can get repair kits from looting or buy them from merchants, most commonly from Blacksmiths and Equipers.BeginnersSee all Tips & Tutorials for Beginners Read more: how to dye your hair dark purple without bleach Complete the Story Controls and Techniques Difficulty Level Difference Is Dialogue Important? How to Go Fast The Most Important Side Quests in the Story Romance Guide List of endings and how to get the best ending What is the enemy upgrade? Things to know before starting Witcher 3 What is the New Game+? Should you emulate the Witcher 2 save file? Which version to buy? Fight Like a Professional Combat Guide and Battle Steps List Tips for Healing & Meditating Weapon and Armor Repair Worth it? What is an Adrenaline Score? How to Fight on Horseback How to Fight Underwater What is Toxicity? What is a Mutant Mutant Level Up & Catch Beefy How to Level Up Quickly Power Positions Best Character Building Best Early Game Skills and Skill Building Ranks and Ranks List of Five Best and Useful Skills Most useful How to get Magic Acorn How to restore ability Best Score for Death March Build and tips for survival Max Level and Level Limit for Geralt Get Weapons & Armor Best Weapons and Armor early game Best Weapons, Armor and Equipment Sets How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor Most Rewards Side Quests and Witcher Gear Contracts Where to Find Blacksmiths and Tailors? Which Cup is the Best? Best Crossbows and Bolts Manage Money & Item Manage Your Inventory The Best and Worst Items for Sale Junk Shop Find ingredients and crafting materials Should you loot everything? How to remove items How to make money fast Can you cook? What to buy in the store – Just looking for fun List of the best Armor hairstyles for Geralt How to get competition How to win horse races

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