Is Moving to Arizona Right for You? A 2021 Guide.

If you are planning to move to Arizona, you should really read this first.


As a child, you were most likely amazed to watch a tiny blue long-distance runner darting back and forth across your tiny, almost colorless television screen followed closely by a wolf. Hungry, loves dynamite. two arch-enemies fought in an all-out battle in Arizona. That’s right, The Canyon State… if you’re like us, your inner child is smiling from ear to ear. Here are two things you should know about Arizona:

  • In fact, there are road users in Arizona who live there seem to see them speeding at 17 mph to avoid predators like coyotes.
  • Arizona, which was once the playground for the most iconic Looney Tunes cartoon of all time, could be turning out to be a phenomenal playground for you.
  • Either way, if you’re seriously considering moving to Arizona, take a moment and read through this article where we’ll cover everything from the weather to the bustling economy that’s growing. outstanding development. (Oh, and by the way, we’re Bellhop—we’re Phoenix drivers, Tucson drivers, and drivers across the country.) Looking for Long Distance Drivers in Phoenix?

    A closer look at Arizona, Grand Canyon State.

    A little while ago, US News analyzed 125 major US metropolitan areas in hopes of identifying the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market. Phoenix, Arizona actually ranks 17th for best places to retire and 19th for best places to live. (For more information on moving to Phoenix, see our city guide here.) 1. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room (aka the Grand Canyon). the whole world to witness the magic with their own eyes. How can many people say they are living in a place where the Grand Canyon is practically in their backyard? Exactly our point of view.

    2. The Grand Canyon is just the beginning of Arizona’s incredible landscape.

    However, in addition to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is also known for its stunning scenery with abundant opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, trail running, camping, exploring, swimming, and more. and white water rafting. wild is, the state has twice as much wilderness as all of the Midwest combined. The rivers that run through the state make it one of the top fly fishing destinations in the country. It’s hard to believe that when Arizona offers such a vast playground of outdoor fun, we could devote an entire blog to this topic. However, for the sake of your time and ours, just know that if you’re an outdoor enthusiast (or woman in the outdoors), Arizona is a place you should definitely consider visiting. call home.Nevada

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    Pros and Cons of Moving to Arizona: The Good, the Bad, and the Bad.

    Like any state, Arizona has its own strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, we find that there is quite a bit more good than bad in this wonderful state. Below you will find a lot of the good, some of the bad and not so ugly about life and Arizona.3. Expert: The weather in Arizona is amazing. Arizona is often referred to as the “Valley of the Sun,” which doesn’t sound pretty at all. However, we did some research and found out that the state has over 300 sunny days per year, in fact, Arizona has so much sun that Phoenix gets more sunny days per year than any other. any other metropolitan area in the United States. So, if you struggle with seasonal narcissism, Arizona is your state because it has practically no seasons. an early spring with flowers blooming as early as January. So even the slightly colder winter months won’t last at all. Con: Traffic can be tough, which is certainly not unique to Arizona. It is definitely not. But, like so many beautiful states that get their fair share or tourism… there’s a lot of traffic. Arizonans complain that traffic is even heavy in the evenings and early mornings, where people are walking for a hike, going to an event, or just driving for those in the know. If you despise traffic, you’ll want to think twice about moving to Arizona…and really think twice about moving to any state with big cities. Con: fatal falls, rattlesnakes and occasional UFOTs. Honestly, we had some trouble figuring out the “ugly” parts of Arizona. And, even as we’re writing this now, nothing particularly bad really stands out for us. What we do know, however, is that you need to be careful at the edges of the Grand Canyon, where there have been more than 686 fall deaths to date. you need to be careful about where you are putting your feet… there are more than 150 rattlesnake bites each year in Arizona. And, this last one was more or less interesting than bad… but in 1997, the people of Arizona spotted an airplane that had been stationary in the sky for about 106 minutes that was described as worldless. But do we know if there is? Really seriously, as long as you’re careful you’ll be safe and sound in Arizona, just watch your steps and we guess… stay indoors if you see a UFO hovering?Nevada

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    Arizona’s Economy and Cost of Living: Is There Any Green in Arizona? It looks mostly red.

    Aside from great weather, stunning views, endless activities and the chance you’ll spot an alien plane… Arizona’s economy is surprisingly strong. And, the low cost of living makes Arizona a great state for young professionals looking to start a job or retirees looking to settle down. Arizona has embraced the 21st century economy from the start. Unlike other states, Arizona has always been supportive of innovation including tech startups and future-minded companies. They were among the first states to open their cities to ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft, and their governor Doug Ducey has been optimistic about forging key partnerships and building stronger relationships with universities and tech companies (like Uber) to keep it going. It was recently announced that Uber would be moving the headquarters for its self-driving car division to Arizona. However, in addition to Uber, other new businesses are also flocking to Arizona, such as Apple, which recently announced a $2 billion expansion… an expansion that will become one of the largest investments in the organization’s history. In addition to Uber, has launched a self-driving car program in Arizona. The tech giant praised the state, “Arizona is known for being a place where research and development is welcome, innovation can thrive, and companies can grow roots.” And finally, Lucid Motors, the innovative electric car maker that closely competes with Tesla, announced it has chosen Arizona for its electric car business… an operation that will bring in 2,000 new jobs and 700 million dollars in capital investment for the entire region by 2022. jump on an initiative that has seen or just look for a gig at a well-known company… Arizona is a great state for that . The excellent economy plus the reasonably low cost of living in Arizona make for a pretty good combination. However, it only goes so far if where you live costs you an arm and a leg. A two-bedroom apartment in Arizona will cost you about $1,000 a month and a one-bedroom will cost you less than $800. And housing in Arizona is only slightly above the national average. Warm place with nature right in your backyard. Big cities like Chicago and New York are wonderful in their own right, but you certainly can’t enjoy this kind of luxury.

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    So what are our final thoughts on moving to Arizona?

    Arizona is an amazing state and we think you should move there… as long as you can handle a little heat in the summer, cool with snow in the winter, don’t be afraid to keep an eye out for snakes occasional bells and whistles and enjoy a thriving tech scene. For more information on the best places to live in Arizona, check out our guide to the top places to live in Arizona. If you want to go even further with your studies, check out our Cities Guide to Moving to Tucson and Moving to Phoenix. And, as always, if you need help with your move, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Like we said, we coordinate local and long-distance moving services in Arizona and we’d be happy to help.

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