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With all the time spent at home with loved ones, people are getting more and more creative and looking for more sources of entertainment. One of the simplest forms of entertainment is the interactive filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. For months, there has been a trend on social media where people ask random questions and people have to point at the person around them that matches the description. Many people refer to the game as who is most likely. There’s now a filter that lets you do this with a friend, significant other, or loved one. It’s called ‘Who’s more _____?’ Filter. Who filter is more than an interactive social media filter that asks you and your friends/partner questions. To answer the questions, simply tilt your head towards the person that best fits the description. For example, you might get a question that says “who is more likely to get scammed?” When the question comes up, you will tilt your head towards the person who is more likely to be scammed. If you both tilt your head in the same direction, you’ll get a check. If you contradict each other, you get a red x. After answering the set of questions provided for that round, you will receive a final score. The score is made up of a number of stars, if both of you answer all the questions the same way you will get the full number of stars! Read: instagram filter who is more likelyHow to get more Instagram filters?There are three different game modes you can play when using the who is more filter on Instagram. There is the classic version which is more filter, the couple version which is more filter and the bridge recorder which is more filter. Each filter is unique and has a different set of questions they pose. Read more: Who is dating rocsi Diaz This game is very interesting and thousands of people have posted videos of themselves using filters. If you are looking for a fun game to play with your family and friends at home, try who filter more and share it on your Instagram story! Here are some simple step-by-step instructions on how to get the who more filter on Instagram!

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How to get more Instagram filters?

You may have seen people using the who filter more on Instagram. I will admit that I saw it about fifteen different times on people’s Instagram stories before I decided to give it a try. I searched for the name of the filter and couldn’t find it anywhere. I’ve searched for things like “filters ask you questions” and “filter games with friends” and there are no results. I finally got my answer when someone shared the name of the filter with me. It’s called who more filter, to use this filter you will have to open up your Instagram story camera as if you were about to record a new story. Next to the record button there will be a number of different filters you can use. Scroll all the way to the right and tap the search icon. After you tap on the search icon, search for “who is more”, the screen below will display:How to use the Who filter more on Instagram!Read more: Who to date When you tap the filter who more in the search results, you’ll be able to use the filter. You’ll need two people to use the who filter more on Instagram, so grab a friend or even an enemy and let the fun begin!

How to Use the Couple Question Filter on Instagram!

When opening the who is more filter on Instagram, you will need two faces in the frame. When there are two faces in the frame, a question will appear above your head. If you believe you fit the description better, tilt your head away from your partner. If you believe your partner is more likely to fit the description, tilt your head towards your partner. If both of your answers match, you will get a green check mark. If your answer does not match, you will receive an x.How to use the Who filter more on Instagram!Whoever has more filters will ask five different questions, eventually you will get a score out of five. Your score will tell you how many times you and your partner’s answers are the same. The highest score you can get is 5.

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