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Video What is Contextual Information Textual information is data that provides context to a person, entity, or event. In other words, context awareness is the ability to derive knowledge from or apply knowledge to information. Let’s take an example. When you finish watching a movie or show on Netflix, you will be offered the same or the next content in the series. You like that because it caters to your preferences. Netflix uses context-aware technology to improve user experience by extracting contextual metadata. Similarly, the Four Seasons hotel chain is famous for its legendary customer service, which includes staff calling each guest by name. How do they do this? They use context awareness.What is context awareness for data networks?Read: what is contextual information In today’s digital world, what underlies contextual information are environmental factors, data discovery, and aspects that exist within the IT stack. These include device, user, data classification, network, URL, applications being used, potential threats, and even considerations affecting the value of business data. And of course the time and place. A few simple examples are Google Maps (or Waze) tracking your travels, calendar notifications about upcoming appointments, app preferences, and precise contact selection when you just type a few letters. This is called “contextual awareness”, where a certain computing device uses user-specific data, such as location-based technology and sensors, to determine their circumstances. It seems the device “knows” where you are and what you need. The combination of information, along with correlative knowledge, is what makes its contextual data processing powerful.Typical use casesRead more: Which gender from Madagascar Contextual data processing allows you to optimize the inspection, analysis and logging of data used by monitoring and security tools in your network.Improve network security – The widespread emergence of threat actors and organized cybercrime organizations has created an environment where companies are constantly under siege. An effective tactic known as application intelligence using contextual security analysis has become one of the central pillars for threat detection and prevention. Some security tools such as intrusion detection systems (IDS) look at session and application layer data, trying to find patterns that match a database of threat signatures. However, not every tool is designed for every traffic flow. Before distributing network traffic to your tools, context-aware data processing applies its intelligence to network traffic flows to intelligently distribute relevant data only to monitoring and security tools. For example, this means that email monitoring tools will only receive email traffic.More insight into application traffic Understand user, device, and location context, providing important context for apps. It is about filtering traffic by geography and removing duplicate packets before it reaches a monitoring tool. For example, a game company that delivers a game through a social media channel can identify the city, device, browser, and app that are causing performance issues with an app intelligence tool. Context-aware and correct troubleshooting. Implementing additional functions like this can be crucial for cybersecurity monitoring, but it all starts with the intelligence of the application.More insight into network traffic To get the most out of your monitoring tools, data will often need to apply some kind of contextual data processing. This means that the addition (or removal of) VLAN and port tags, removal of duplicate packets, addition of timestamps, header stripping, packet clipping, etc. may need to be applied to the packet data to it is optimized before being passed into the monitoring engine for analysis. This “precondition” makes monitoring tools more efficient and improves time to resolution. Read more: What does Rn mean in a textConsiderHere are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your visibility is easy to use but has all the necessary functionality – For example, to harness real application intelligence it needs to support hundreds of built-in application signatures, as well as a service feed to add new signatures and keep everything up to date. You also need to be able to easily filter based on those application signatures. The dashboard shows statistics so you can see which apps are generating traffic, the amount of traffic and the number of sessions contributing to the requested traffic.
  • Have a plan to use the information – One benefit of contextual data processing and analysis is that it can identify attackers based on their activity and behavior on your network. For example, last year’s massive breach at Sony Pictures could have been prevented if security personnel had been able to identify large-scale and unusual data transfers. However, you must have the technology and processes in place to leverage the information so that you can get the most out of it.
  • Make sure your network visibility solution can scale – As data grows exponentially, it’s stored across countless devices and in the cloud, accessed by employees, partners, and customers. Accessed via connectivity from anywhere, you can visualize a wide range of contextual data. A dynamic, intelligent and powerful solution is required to monitor events and avoid security threats.
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More about Data-Context AwarenessKeysight Security Fabric is a powerful network visualization and its context-aware data processing engine provides administrators with a dashboard of graphs, charts, maps, and statistics about applications. known and unknown applications, geographies, and devices on their network. Tools can also work, by forwarding traffic to specific engines based on context details and generating advanced NetFlow data, such as country, region, browser, operating system, etc. operating and application name. The tool also gives you control over data conditioning functions (such as deduplication, timestamping, and explosion protection) to achieve reliability and efficiency in your network of monitoring tools. your privacy and security. Read more: MS3816CE / MS3816HT / MS3816WH desktop hollow punching machine | Top Q&A Network Visibility + Security | Q&A 1″/>

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