ICE Checking Discord – What it means and how to fix this‍

Video What is Tape TestICE Discord Check – Meaning and How to Fix This‍

Find out what ‘ICE Check’ on Discord means. Also, check out the easy ways to get rid of this error and have a smooth Discord experience.


Discord is loved all over the world because it provides a great user experience and is virtually error-free. The features the app offers are great for keeping in touch with the community. The app guarantees a near-perfect experience, but some users run into issues with Discord. In this article, we will tackle the ‘ICE Check’ Discord error. If you are having trouble due to ‘ICE Check’ Discord and want to find a solution to it, read on. In the sections below, we’ve explained all you need to know about the error and how to resolve it.

  • What causes ICE Check Discord error?
  • How to fix ICE Error Check Discord
  • Restart everything
  • Check for internet connection failure
  • Check if your firewall/antivirus is causing ICE to check for Discord
  • Using VPN with UDP
  • Check your network administrator
  • Change the voice region
  • Contact Discord support
  • What causes ICE Check Discord error?

    Source: Reddit‘ICE check’ on Discord means that your network is blocking Discord from establishing a connection with the voice server. Some other voice connection errors you may encounter are RTC check, Discord stuck on connection and No route. These errors are caused by connection problems on your end. You may have also seen ‘Waiting for endpoint’, but it’s mostly caused by an error at the Discord end. Whether the Discord ‘Check ICE’ error is a connection problem, it can be caused by many things related to your network. For example a firewall blocking Discord from connecting to the server or a problem with your wifi. It has also been observed that most users only get this error when using Discord through the browser. This could mean that your browser’s settings block Discord from connecting to the voice server. Regardless of the problem in your case, the next section will have the solution to your problem.

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    How to fix ICE Error Check Discord

    Restart everything

    Read more: What happened to 2021 This may seem pretty obvious and you wouldn’t expect it to do the trick, but rebooting your system should mostly work. Just close all applications and turn off your computer. Also, turn off your modem and router, and after a few minutes, turn your modem, router, and computer back on. Now, open Discord and check if the problem persists.

    Check for internet connection failure

    Try using your wifi on another device to confirm if there is an outage. If you can’t connect there either, call your internet service provider and check. You will have to wait for the downtime to expire before you can use Discord again, also, if you use a proxy server to connect to the internet, it may cause Discord ICE check errors. Go to your computer settings and check the ‘Proxy’ setting in the Internet settings. If the proxy is already on, disable it.

    Check if your firewall/antivirus is causing ICE to check for Discord

    If your firewall or anti-virus software is blocking Discord from connecting to the server, you may experience an ICE check error. To check this, if you are a Windows user, go to ‘Control Panel’ → ‘System and Security’ → ‘Windows Defender Firewall’. Here, go to the ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall’ section. Make sure that Discord has both ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ connections enabled. If you are using Discord via browser, make sure that the firewall is not blocking the browser from connecting to the internet. tape test firewall discord repairRead more: Body Copy The same applies to anti-virus software like McAfee. Check to make sure that the app isn’t blocking Discord or the browser you’re using from connecting. Finally, also check your browser settings to see if any websites are restricted/blocked. If Discord is on the list, take it out.

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    Using VPN with UDP

    This fix works if your system’s IP address does not allow a smooth connection. Download and install a free or paid VPN of your choice. Also, check reviews to see if a VPN is safe. Set up a VPN and check if the error persists. Note that Discord only works on VPNs with UDP (User Datagram Protocol). Check if your VPN has this while downloading.

    Check your network administrator

    Similar to the browser issue above, if your network doesn’t allow Discord, you won’t be able to access it. These conditions are usually set for work/school networks. If so, you must change the network you use to connect to Discord. Try from your mobile hotspot or home wifi to check.

    Change the voice region

    Under certain circumstances, Discord may not be able to establish a connection with servers in your voice area. To fix this, right click on the voice channel, go to ‘Edit Channels’ → ‘Overview’ → ‘Region Override’. Here, select a different voice region than the one you’re using. By default, you will be connected to the address closest to your geographical area, so change it and save it. Check if the ICE Check Discord error persists. overwrite discord voice area

    Contact Discord support

    If none of the above fixes work, you must contact Discord support. Go to the given link and complete the form. You need to submit a few things here:

  • Press ‘Ctrl + Shift + I’ to access the developer tools in the pop-up error call / channel. Go to the ‘Control Panel’ tab and take a screenshot.
  • Go to ‘’ and start testing. Take a screenshot of the result.
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    Submit both of these screenshots in the support form with your issues and Discord’s support team will contact you shortly. Read more: February 21 is the zodiac sign

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