How to Terraform in Stellaris

One of the most valuable tools at your disposal in Stellaris is the ability to terraform planets. At a basic level, terraforming involves taking a habitable planet and converting its natural state into one that better suits the needs of the species you’re playing with. In Stellaris, this mid-game feature could be a turning point to expanding the influence of your control over the galaxy. That’s why we created this helpful guide to walk you through the basics of how to make terrain in Stellaris.

How to Terraform in Stellaris


There are several hoops to jump through if you want to be able to create terrain in Stellaris.

Space exploration research

You won’t get far in Stellaris without space exploration! That’s why as soon as possible, assign a scientist a Space Exploration Research mission. This particular technology has no upfront cost, so make sure to start researching it right away. Space exploration was one of the earliest technologies you had access to. By completing it, you unlock the ability to build a Science Ship. You will use these vessels a lot in all aspects of Stellaris, especially as you begin your efforts to change the environment of the new world.

New World Protocol

research scientistsSpeaking of new worlds, the New World Protocol is the next step towards unlocking terrain generation. New Worlds Protocol is a technology found in the Consortium research tree. This is an important step in the long process of creating terrain that allows access to the construction of Colony Ships. These are ships that carry adventurers to their new destination and home. That’s a good thing, like Space Exploration, it has no cost to research.

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Land sculpture technology

you can now create terrainRead more: Fishing rig You have developed technology to chart the stars. You have mastered the ability to colonize distant planets. Now you need the know-how to actually create the terrain. That’s where Land Sculpting Technology comes into play. It’s worth it, though, because once you’ve unlocked Terrestrial Sculpting, you’ve taken an important step toward actually being able to create terrain. attempt to shape the world. There are additional technologies you can research that allow you to create inhabited terrain and some particularly uninhabitable planets, but that is a topic for another article!

Colonization Technology

learn how to change the worldResearching the technology to actually make a particular type of planet can take the longest of all the steps in this guide, depending on the type of planet you want to change. There are many variables involved in what technology you will need, and not everything is immediately available. Sometimes, not at all, you can’t simply transform any kind of planet into another. For example, to turn an arid planet into a continental planet, you must first turn it into an ocean planet. From there, it will take you one more round of terrain to produce the final result. In addition, you will need to research both arid colonization technology and ocean colonization technology to make both leaps. Because the tech tree in Stellaris is somewhat random – almost like a deck of cards – you may not have access to either technology for several cycles. a particular type of planet. If your species thrives in extreme deserts, that’s much less likely, and it’s possible that indigenous scientists might not even be able to develop the technology to thrive in the ocean world. . If another species joins your domain, you can unlock additional terrain options, but keep your own species limits in mind as you begin your out-of-galactic adventure.

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Planetary Survey

survey a candidateYour scientists have researched all the necessary technologies, you know your species can live on the planet, and now it’s time to actually find a candidate. That’s where the previously mentioned Science Ships comes into play. Read more: How to change Oovoo password? Send these deep spaceships out to explore the unexplored quadrants of the galaxy and find out what they can about a potential candidate. Not all planets are habitable, so you may find yourself having to travel to several destinations before finding a suitable world to change to. border of your domain. Be sure to confirm the surroundings are your own before you try Terraform.

Collect resources

collect documentsIn fact, you will always collect resources in Stellaris. Nothing will be complete without plenty of materials to build your empire. However, specific topographic liquids and gases are needed to induce the change from one type of planet to another. When the survey is complete, you’ll have the knowledge you need to know which resources to focus on gathering. Once you have the required materials, it’s finally time to begin the terrain shaping process.


finally, terraformingIf you followed the steps above, you are now ready to terraform a planet. Fortunately, this is also the easiest step in the process. After you select the planet, open its info window and click the Terraform button. And that’s it! You are on your way to terraform a planet. The transition from one type of habitable planet to another takes thousands of days. In the meantime, continue to explore, expand, mine and destroy (your enemies) across the galaxy!

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Terraform the Galaxy

With the steps above, you’re well on your way to changing the texture of the worlds in your galaxy. Terrain creation is not a simple process, but it is well worth the effort because the potential for growing your domain is very high. to help get the most out of this complex but rewarding game. Our articles cover topics like How to Merge Fleets in Stellaris and detail Stellaris 201 Console Commands that help make the game a little easier for new players. Someone should have shown him Stellaris! Read more: how to clean the iphone charging port with a toothbrush

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