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This will be a short step-by-step guide on how to form a caravan in Rimworld. Not everything in Rimworld UI is so easily explained. There are thousands of different options for thousands of different results, so don’t feel bad if you can’t figure out right away how to make a caravan. First, we’ll give a quick rundown on how to form a caravan and then break it down into smaller steps including screenshots.

How to create a caravan

To create a caravan in Rimworld, follow these steps: Read: rimworld how to create a caravan

  • Click ‘World’ at the bottom right of the screen
  • Select the colony where you want to send a caravan
  • Select the ‘Caravan Appearance’ button at the bottom of the screen (Hotkey H)
  • Right click on an area to select a destination for the caravan and click accept
  • Select the colonists you want to add to the caravan and choose the items to bring including food and supplies
  • Select ‘Submit’ and ‘Confirm’ and the colonists will automatically pack the necessary items and animals for the journey and departure.
  • How to form a caravan (with pictures)

    In this part of the post, if you are still unsure about how to send a caravan, we will go through the user interface step by step and show you exactly what to do. Start by selecting the ‘World’ tab at the bottom of the Rimworld UI as shown in the image above. That will bring you to a screen where you can see the entire planet, the various factions and bases stretching across the surface. your colony or if you have multiple colonies, choose the one you want the caravan to leave from. With the colony selected, click the button below that says Forming a caravanRead more: how to turn your closet into a recording studio You’ll then be prompted to choose a destination for your caravan. You can choose any Rimworld hexagon as your destination including various faction bases. Once you have selected your destination or destinations, the game will tell you roughly how long it will take for your caravan to reach its destination. Click the accept button to go to the caravan loading screen At this screen you will decide which colonists you want to send and what items they will bring. Select a colonist to take by clicking the X to the right of the menu. Colorists and animals with ‘Mark’ in this area will be added to the caravan. The next tab at the top is the items tab. Select this and decide what items to bring with you. Make sure the item weight does not exceed the maximum carry weight of settlers and animals. Packing animals can help you with this, but the more weight you add, the slower the convoy will move. How much you bring depends on how far it’s going and what you’ll need. The game will calculate a necessary amount of supplies to carry with you. When you’re satisfied with your selection, click the Submit button at the bottom right of the screen.You will then be presented with an alert box telling you that your caravan will soon go hungry. This message seems to always show up, no matter how dangerous the food is. For example in the itinerary above, the trip would only take 0.3 days but I had 4.6 days worth of meals. I still get this message. Just click confirm to send your caravan their way.Read more: How to paint realistic black and white in Digital Painting Now you’ve confirmed the items and itineraries you’ve set up as a union travel in Rimworld. You will get a message saying “your colonists will now collect the items and leave the area.” Technically, you don’t need to do anything else at this point. As noted above, the colonists would do the rest on their own. That is supposed you can track the progress of the caravans.You can track the progress of the caravans by going back to the ‘World’ Tab. Left-click a caravan as they move to see how long it takes them to reach their destination. You can also review the items they have with them and some stats on the colonists as they travel. If you want the caravan to return home or go to another location, simply select them and right-click another area on the map. If you are still confused or getting some errors while creating your caravat, make sure it is not due to any mods you have installed. Using multiple mods concurrently can affect Rimworld’s UI and gameplay, and while I enjoy using mods to enhance Rimworld’s game features and content, using some mods together will just break the game. set up a caravan in Rimworld, leave a comment below and I will try to contact you for a solution as soon as possible. Let’s all help each other! Related: How to Get Steel in Rimworld, How to Get Plasteel in Rimworld

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