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Great skier | Welove2skiDaron Rahlves is undoubtedly one of the greatest skiers in the world. Photo: © Atomic. Heading to the mountains for your first ski vacation? You’re lucky. You’re about to get started in the world’s most exciting sports, in one of its most amazing environments. Yeah, okay, you’ll also be flushing out a stream of money from your bank account and making your non-ski buddies dumb for weeks afterward when you come back. But trust me, it’s worth it. Winter will never be the same again.

But can you promise me one thing before you go?


Try not to look like a complete lemon when you hit the snow… Being a complete beginner in an environment where everyone else seems to know what they’re doing is scary enough at the good times. most, but you don’t want to make life more complicated than necessary by using the most common fake pas. You’ll also need to borrow gear and clothing from your ski friends. Yes, they’re a great way to save money… but don’t let them dig too deep into attics in an attempt to help you. Those white Salomon trailing boots (SX92 Equipes – anyone remember them from the 80s?) that they’re giving you? A pair of robins probably nested in them last year, and they’ve suffered from terminal plastic fatigue for the past three decades. Retro skiing is great. But this is not antique, it is fodder for the landfill site of the council landfill. And those 1980s salopettes, complete with bracing, will create skepticism about the lift queues from your fellow skiers, as well as no longer being waterproof.
Here are some of the most common do’s and don’ts for the slide:

Get the right jacket

Eye-catching | Welove2skiNot so great. Photo: © Cappi Thompson / Shutterstock. Wear a real ski jacket with your ski pants. Not a photo jacket, boating jacket, poncho jacket, waterproof windbreaker, handbag jacket, or anything else not specifically designed for winter sports. We’ve all seen someone skiing in a houndstooth shirt and tie – people’s minds go haywire. Don’t wear a jacket unless you’re under 25, don’t wear gold or silver jackets and trousers, and don’t have a pattern to match both the jacket and pants. In fact, any outfit that screams “look at me” is probably not a good idea when you’re a beginner. Eventually, people will look at you… and see you’re making snow.

… And zip it up properly

Great skier | Welove2ski
… And don’t let your coat blow in the wind. Nothing screams louder than: “I’m a complete beginner and I’m breaking a sweat!” You’ll get snow falling down your pants and onto your shirt, and your jacket will get in the way and possibly even get stuck in an elevator. Don’t roll up your sleeves either – this isn’t 1980, after all.

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Edit your startup

Don’t walk with the shoe buckle open, the zipper along the ground, and the pants tucked up on the calves. By all means, loosen your boots in the restaurant at lunchtime – but after that, make sure you fasten them. Beginners: watch this video on how to put on shoes for the first time and remember not to tuck your pants in!

Carry your skateboard properly

Eye-catching | Welove2skiWrong detour. Photo: © Volt Collection / Shutterstock. They should be carried over your shoulders, with the soles facing each other and the ends facing forward, the laces located directly behind the shoulders. The one exception is for long hikes uphill when professionals will likely choose to pack their skis in their backpacks for climbing. No-carry skiing highlights include The Scissors, The Rifle, and The Bundle of Wood. And we even witnessed The Water Buckets – it was someone carrying them over his shoulder with a helmet dangling from his head. When you come back to talk to a friend while carrying a skateboard over your shoulder, just make sure there’s no one behind who could get knocked out from the cold.

Hold your pole properly

Great skier | Welove2skiPole fencing? Photo: © Volt Collection / Shutterstock. Push your hand up through the circle and then hold onto the pole – any other way and you could injure your thumb in a fall. Many instructors advocate keeping columns (never called ‘sticks’) through the hoops when skiing off the piste, so that you don’t have to drop yourself in deep snow and you’ll be able to get off them easily if you’re not lucky enough to find yourself in an avalanche. Do not use their straps as part of a complicated arrangement on a ski carrier, and do not hold them with spikes pointing upwards or deflecting around, such as swords. They can be dangerous pieces of equipment, in the wrong hands.

Avoid the Punter . gap

Great skier | Welove2skiWrong! Photo: © Karelnoppe / Shutterstock. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s the distance between the goggles and the helmet (or hat, if you have to). It’s cold, you’ll have a weird stripe going with your sign, and it doesn’t look professional. Throw it out. And don’t wear your helmet under your helmet. It completely negates the safety of wearing a helmet. A helmet must fit snugly, and you can get a headache if you try to tuck a beanie underneath. If you’re cold, then buy a thin-lined helmet; but never wear a helmet yourself.

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Don’t mess with Snowblades or gimmicky gear

Great skier | Welove2skiNo, thanks. Photo: © Gorilla Images / Shutterstock. Remember how Prince Harry was once photographed in the snow? He doesn’t look cool either. Snowblades are for people who like funny ski helmets (see Novelty Hats below) and are trying to convince the world (and themselves) that they’re wild and crazy – not the wild ones. paperclip seller. Everyone else wants to stay on the skateboard, thanks a lot. After all, most of us only have one week off. We don’t want to waste a day rolling around in slow, barely grippy mini skates on icy tracks that can’t be dashed. If you want to try something different, why not go toboggan instead? Or ride a fat bike? Or cross-country skiing? That way you’ll leave the downhill trails for the rest of us.

Don’t wear a mask unless it’s cold

Great skier | Welove2skiNo no. Photo: © Joppo / Shutterstock. Let’s face it, you’re not a gangster, are you? You are a card-carrying member of the rich west who is rich enough to go on a winter vacation in the mountains. So put the bandanna away and leave the pretense to the park rats. At least they have an excuse. Most of them are teenagers. The only time face coverings make sense is when you’re somewhere really cold (-15C or below) – and then they should be made of marino wool (best) or neoprene (not as comfortable). Someone I know has skied at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire, where the resort ‘boasted’ it was -80F (about -62C) that day, with a bitter cold wind ripping his pants. shirt. In those cases, it’s best to slide straight down and stay indoors!

Don’t use Gaiters

Great skier | Welove2skiPhoto: © Hideyourarms Does anyone still wear them? Do you still have some lurking in the back of a drawer? Get rid of them now – they were 1980s fashion pieces, sometimes worn over jeans and never likely to return. Incidentally, don’t wear denim when you’re skiing or snowboarding. However you’re a good skier (okay, so you might not fall), you’ll freeze – or at least your jeans will. And the skiers will have to stay in the water forever.

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Don’t wear fancy hats

Great skier | Welove2skiNo way Santa Claus. Photo: © Lightwavemedia / Shutterstock. Nothing screams “no-hoper” louder than a silly hat. It’s the kind of clothes people usually wear when they decide they hate skiing, and will never be good at it, so they might as well try to be funny instead. It’s not funny. The funny thing is that they showed a complete lack of courage on the slopes. The most common examples of non-physical headgear include jesters hats (with bells), hats with light ‘hair’ or spaghetti on their heads, reindeer antlers, rhino horns, old man hats Noel (unless you’re employed to be Father Christmas), flat hat, or baseball cap. By the way, children under the age of ten are exempt from this provision.

Carry a backpack

Great skier | Welove2skiPhoto: © TVB Zermatt / F.Schenholm. Not only is it useful for carrying around all those extras like spare gloves, goggles, or other layers, but you can also pack a water bottle, a picnic lunch, or even a briefcase. saved in his backpack. The only problem is that sometimes you’ll find yourself the only one in your group wearing one… in which case everyone will want to put their spare scraps and pieces in yours. So pack it with a few light items and bulky clothing (in this respect, small items are great) and tell everyone you want to help, but…

… And to show you how awesome you are, try these

Loop your ski pole over the footrest of the booster seat on your ascent (read: “I’m a ski instructor”) Try not to touch the lift button (read: “I’m a skater”) experienced snowman with good balance”) Sit on a long track on your skateboard, with your bottom touching your calves (read:“I’m incredibly strong and flexible”)

Here is a Canadian who takes on the theme…

What do you think to look great on the snow?

Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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