How to get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight: An Easy Guide

Hollow Knight is one of the best games coming out of 2017, thanks in large part to its unique style and winning blend of action, adventure, and mystery. Go back and forth ten times before you actually open up the world of Hallownest. One of the places where many players struggled was getting to the Abyss. Here, we’ll learn exactly how to get there, what it is, and what you’ll find there.Than like this:The best Isometric RPGs of all time10 of the best virtual reality adventure gamesBest PC police game

What is Abyss?


Gateway to the Abyss from an ancient basin Read more: how to check if a button is installed | First Q&A The Abyss is the bottom location of Hallownest and is made up of various chambers and rooms. The area is an important feature of Hollow Knight lore, as it was the birthplace of an ancient civilization (Vessels) that predated Hallownest. Therefore, the Abyss is also known as the “birthplace”. The ships worship the Void and are said to be the mother of Lady Bach. They are genderless beings given life by King Pale, who created them in the Abyss in an effort to stop the ancient disease, The Infection.

How to get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight

Defeat the Hornet to get the KingDefeat the Hornet for the King’s Brand To get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight, you must go to the bottom of the Ancient Basin. Initially, the entrance will be locked and you will need a few things before you can proceed. Infiltrating the Abyss requires the King’s Brand, a luminous mark that marks whoever holds it as the new king and allows them to unlock the door leading to the Abyss. Located at the bottom of the Ancient Basin. The King’s trademark can be found in Kingdom’s Edge, which is protected by the Hornet. You’ll need the Tram to get there, and you’ll need the dual-jump ability to navigate your way through Kingdom’s Edge to find the Hornet. Go to the end of the Cast-Off Shell and after defeating the Hornet you will get the King’s Brand. Bring the Brand King to the Ancient Basin and you’ll be able to open the portal that allows you to reach the Abyss in Hollow Knight. Read on to see what you can find there.

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What can I find in Abyss?

Scary Enemy in the Abyss - Hollow KnightFearsome Enemy in the Abyss – Hollow Knight When you first enter the Abyss, you will have to be a little careful, as there are many dangerous spikes and some troublesome creatures that can harm you. Take your time, plan your route carefully and you’ll be fine. The terrain is quite complicated and many sharp spikes. If you want to skip this for now, go to the bottom of the Abyss’ axis and turn right. they will soon attack you in unmanageable numbers. Also, stay away from dark pools of evil liquid, as this is where enemies spawn if you get too close. This clears the way for you to progress further. When you leave the lighthouse, go back to the bottom of the tower and turn right. Swim or fly across the lake and into the next room. Here you will find the Shade Cloak, which is one of the main reasons why you want to go to the Abyss in the first place. The Shade Cloak greatly increases your discoverability as it allows you to get through many of the black barriers you may have encountered without damage.

Is Cornifer in the Abyss?

The location of the entrance to The AbyssAbyss Entrance Location: The Abyss is one of three areas where Cornifer cannot be found, the other two being the Hive and the Rest Area. Abyss, but the fact that you can’t find them there.


Thank you for reading how to get to the Abyss in Hollow Knight. Do you like this game? What is your favorite thing about it? Let us know in the comments section below! If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected] If you’re still having trouble navigating the vast map in Hollow Knight, check out Gamer’s great YouTube video below. Walkthroughs, they will definitely teach you how to get to the Abyss! Read more: how to connect xbox one to a projector

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