How to get the Thunder Helm

After defeating the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, there’s still work to be done The town of Gerudo. The hottest reason to follow is right next door Riju – no, not Buliara. On the other hand. The Thunder Helm that Riju wore during the battle to regain the Divine Beast sitting on her right pedestal.

Thunder Helm


Investigate the leader to start a conversation with Riju. When you ask to borrow Thunder Helm, you will receive the side quest ‘The Thunder Helm’. Your job is to solve the problems of the four residents of The town of GerudoEach mission will eventually require you to hand over some of your inventory to complete. You can just wander around and collect everything as needed, but we’ll make notes in each section below so you can plan a little better and save yourself some time.zelda Thunder 0009 class 1 1You’ll find a jewelry store in the northernmost corner of Gerudo Market. Talk to Isha, and she’ll tell you she needs 10 flint pieces to reopen her shop. There are not many shades to collect flint. Find some ore, smash it and you’ll probably have at least one piece. If you don’t have enough you’ll accidentally collect some while searching for glowstones to upgrade your shiner (also in Gerudo Town), so start there. You can also take a picture of the deposit with your camera and have sheikah slate point you to the nearby ore. When you deliver them, she will reward you with a piece of jewelry.

The Mystery Polluter (10 wild berries)

zelda Thunder 0009 class 1 2In the northernmost corner of town you will find a small role named Dalia. Her garden continues to be ruined by the litter that washes away the water supply.zelda thunder 0009 class 1 3If you follow the water supply straight through the palace, you will see Caliban sitting on rooftops eating melons. She threw the shell into the water, and that was the cause Daliatrouble. Caliban will just stop eating and littering in exchange for 10 wild berriesIf you don’t have any in your inventory, Gerudo Plateau is a good place to find them. Looking at the area to the north of Gerudo Towerjust west of the area known as Sapphia’s Table.Come back Dalia and she will reward you with a hydromelon.

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Medicinal Molduga Mushroom (1 gut of mold)

zelda Thunder 0008 class 2 4You will find out Malena Talk to the city guard on the front stairs Rijuthrone room or facing northwest, where the Guardians are training. Her boyfriend is sick and she needs some intestines of mold to save him.zelda Thunder 0008 class 2 5Malena will show you Toruma Dunes. This is straight to the west of The town of Gerudo, in the area around Tho Kayu Shrine. If you need help, check out our guide to beating a landmark. intestines of mold, Malena will give you her thanks and a gold rupee.

Looking for Barta (1 hearty durian)

zelda Thunder 0008 class 2 6The final problem to deal with involved finding a wayward guardian named Barta Because Liana. You will find out Liana in the training ground in the southwest corner or The town of Gerudo – turn right from Rijuup the throne and go down the stairs. Barta wandered off to investigate leviathan bone located far southwest of The town of Gerudo. You can come here to find the Great Fairy or the Hawa Koth temple.zelda Thunder 0008 class 2 7Before you leave, though, make sure you have a hearty durian in stock. If you don’t (assuming you’ve cooked them all) you don’t even need to throw it away The town of Gerudo to find one. Go to the fruit counter next to the jewelry store and you can buy hearty durian (or three) for 60 rupees each.zelda Thunder 0007 class 3 8You will find out Barta right behind the temple on the northeastern edge of leviathan bone. Give her a hearty durian and she will cheer up and promise to come back to town. Go back to town and talk to Liana again. She will give you a silver rupee.

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Request Thunder Helm

zelda Thunder 0007 class 3 9All that’s left is to go back to the throne room and talk to Riju again. She will deliver Thunder Helm for you. The main appeal of leadership is that it provides lightning conductor effects without the whole (upgraded) set of rubbers. Meaning you can still absorb shock when wearing stronger armor.

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