How to Get the Seamoth Submarine in Subnautica

SubnauticaIts world is as big as it is hostile, and sooner or later you’ll need more than flippers or a bit of Seaglide to get it around the world safely. We will show you How to find and build SeamothThe single-seater submarine will serve as your primary means of transportation for most of the game.

What does Seamoth do?


The Seamoth is a small, single-person submarine that travels faster than the Seaglide and provides a steady supply of oxygen to anyone inside, meaning you don’t have to go into the air, a huge benefit. The Seamoth can also be customized and modified later by building the Moonpool and the Vehicle Upgrade Dashboard, which includes the addition of a torpedo launcher.

How to get Seamoth

No intact Seamoths have been found on Planet 4546B, which means you’ll have to craft one. To do this, you’ll need to build a mobile Bay of Cars in your crafter, find Seamoth shards scattered around the world and scan them for blueprints, and eventually get the resources you need. needed to build that Seamoth.The Bay of Portable Vehicles can be used to craft your Seamoth, as well as other vehicles later in the game. | Joel Franey / USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

How to build the Bay of Mobile Media

Read more: I got an ice burn in my heart This is the easiest stage, as Mobile Bay is built with components that can be found or crafted from scratch without too much difficulty.

  • Bay of mobile media: Titanium ingot x1, lubricant x1, electric battery x1
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Once you’ve got the bay, take it out to sea and deploy, where it will unfold into a small floating and standable pedestal equipped with a display that lets you choose what you want it to build. . Now you have the tools, but you still need the know-how.grass plateau subnautica 1The nearby Grassy Plateau is littered with the debris of the Seamoth. | Joel Franey / USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Where to find the fragment of Seamoth

Seamoth shards are mainly found in an area marked with dark red grass, known in the game as the Grass Plateau, bordering the edge of Shallows and shouldn’t be difficult to find if you just go around the border of the Shallows. biomes. The area isn’t entirely safe, with lots of sand sharks and tiger plants, but they’re slow and the Seaglide will easily overtake them. Stay close to the surface and look for debris, often with Seamoth debris close by hand.Read more: Genshin Impact & coli; Where to find Geovishap Hatchlings | These shards are too big to fit in a bin, so they will lie around just about anywhere, often described as round-looking chunks of white plastic and glass, as opposed to the metal carnage that looks looks ragged around it. Drop it off, scan three separate sections with your handheld scanner and you’ll get a blueprint to bring back to your mobile Bay of Cars.fragment of the marine worm subnautica 2Seamoth debris all look different, but are generally identifiable by their rounded shape and white exterior. | Joel Franey / USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

How to build Seamoth

Once you have the Bay and the blueprints, you can simply feed the raw resources into the Mobile Car Bay. Despite the shards found outside of Shallows, everything you need to craft a Seamoth can be found near your party, the safest area in the game. The full list of ingredients can be found below.

  • Seamoth: Titanium ingot x1, power cell x1, glass x2, lubricant x1, lead x1
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Once you select the icon to start building it, the drones that are part of the Gulf will take to the air and assemble the Seamoth in front of you. Congratulations – you’ve got your own personal submarine!subnautica seamoth 3Your finished Seamoth will get you from one end of the ocean to the other, as long as you always stock up on fresh batteries. | Joel Franey / USGamer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment Now that you’re ready to see the ocean, why not check out our other guides to Subnautica? You can see our explanation of cave sulfur here, as well as how we make titanium ingots here. Plus, you can check out our full explanation of Subnautica’s plot and plot here.

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