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What is Stranger Things mode on Spotify?Spotify Stranger Things Mode: The Spotify app on your iPhone has something called “Stranger Things Mode” in reference to the popular Netflix show. By activating this mode and listening to a compatible album on Spotify, the screen will change to appear as if you were in the “Upside down” area from the program. your iPhone. We also provide a link to an album in Spotify where you can see what Stranger Things mode looks like. Some users seem to have trouble getting this to work, so it might be a bit buggy on certain devices or with certain versions of the Spotify or iOS apps.What is Stranger Things mode on Spotify?

Stranger Things Mode Spotify

The music streaming service has added a spooky Upside Down filter to its web player and desktop app, which will make you even more desperate as new episodes drop. The universe. Just load Spotify in your browser, play the show’s background music, and leave your cursor alone. The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 11.2.2. The version of Spotify in use is the latest version of the app available at the time this article was written. Note that “Stranger Things” mode will only activate when you are listening to a compatible playlist. Read more: Half of a quarter of Netflix’s series proved a surprise hit last summer, receiving rave reviews and substantial word-of-mouth praise. The film follows a group of small-town America in the 1980s as they encounter dark forces, heavily influenced by Stephen King novels and Steven Spielberg’s classic films.

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What is Stranger Things mode Spotify

In honor of the upcoming second season of Stranger Things, which premieres this Friday on Netflix, Spotify has hidden a spooky little gem in its web player: a recreated interface that turns the media player black and blue. into The Upside Down. It won’t affect the music you’re playing, but it will add some floating spores and a flashlight beam to make your listening experience a little more spooky. Enabling the Easter egg is pretty simple: pull up your Spotify account on top of a browser or app, start the Stranger Things soundtrack for either part, and let it play. Wait a few seconds, and you will enter the Demogorgon’s house. However, if you move your mouse or browse through Spotify, it disappears. It also only applies to the Stranger Things soundtrack – sadly, I couldn’t get Drake to join – and Spotify only supports specific browsers, like Chrome. It’s Halloween season, though, and who doesn’t appreciate a little photo editing with their moody playlist?

What is Spotify Stranger Things Mode?

After marketing stunts that included a Netflix countdown timer and a “Strange Mode”-themed Lyft game, a more enticing gimmick than Stranger Things to add to the mix: stick with the release. For the second season today, Spotify has rolled out custom playlists theming different characters on the show, and will analyze your music habits to select “character profiles” and playlists. However, you can also click around to see a playlist with a total of 13 characters, including “Joyce’s Halloween Party at Home”: 1 and “Jonathan’s Outsider Look In” (We really doubt it) that he’ll listen to Jet for any decade, but you can get it): Read more: At what age Brett likes to retire Using a playlist will also sometimes turn the media player into Upside Down mode spooky head. As the Verge reported, this shouldn’t affect your playback and is unlikely to trigger intentionally, but it looks great nonetheless.

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Stranger Things Mode Spotify Mobile

Netflix’s sci-fi/fantasy series Stranger Things concerns an alternate dimension with a monster the kids at the center of the story named the Demogorgon (after their favorite Dungeons & Dragons enemies). they). Season 1 revolved around the kidnapping of a young boy, Will Byers, who spent most of the season trapped in a terrifying parallel dimension they called the “Upside Down” filled with ash spores, Scary fog and root-like tentacles are everywhere. In Season 2, Will is plagued by flashes of the Upside Down despite his return to the real world. It makes a perfect way to mess up your Spotify music player. Easter Eggs currently only run on Spotify’s web player turning windows with a new skin adding mist, ash, and creepy organic vines everywhere. Everything goes dark and the song progress bar becomes a rotating flashlight. All you need to do to trigger the transition is play the official soundtrack for either the first or second season of Stranger Things. After a few seconds, everything changes – but as soon as you move the cursor again, it’s all gone. It sounds a bit like the disturbing scenarios for Will Byers in Season 2, which makes for some pretty creepy content. Who knows what Spotify might do next, but if the platform has a Stranger Things partnership similar to what they have in Star Wars, then Season 2 of Netflix’s lovable show has a lot to offer. many things to live for. Read more: What are its elements. 22

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