Here’s why Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar

Will his wait be over?


It’s not uncommon for the Academy Awards to make an actor/director wait before giving them an Oscar – Al Pacino had seven nominations before winning Best Actor for Scent of a Woman. and Paul Newman have the same wait – but in Leonardo’s DiCaprio case, it seems his Oscar drought is at the center of attention right now. Martin Scorsese has directed DiCaprio in five films. Movies and even the iconic filmmaker lost 7 times before winning with The Departed but the question remains, will DiCaprio’s losing streak go to the bookies that catapulted The Revenant star favorite star this year, he’s at 1/100 with some of them, but what about other years when DiCaprio lost?

Nominated Film and Year: What to Eat Gilbert Grape – 1993

Type: Best Supporting Actor.Plot and his role: Lasse Hallström’s film about life in Central America is simple, plain and dramatic. The story revolves around Johnny Depp’s character Gilbert Grape, a philanthropic teenager forced to take care of his obese mother while also taking care of the safety of his other family members. The problem, however, is that Gilbert’s current life and any potential future away from this small town are hampered by ongoing obligations to his family. at seventeen with a severe learning disability was an absolute tour and it helped cement his position as a great talent to watch after an impressive breakout performance in This Boy’s Life.LeoGrapeMissing for: Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.Decision worthy?: Certainly not but Leo wasn’t the only victim of injustice that year because Pete Postlethwaite also went unnoticed for his role as Giuseppe Conlon in In the Name of the Father. .Gilbert Grape

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Nominated Film and Year: The Aviator – 2005

Type: Best ActorHis plot and role: A biopic focusing on the early years of legendary director and pilot Howard Hughes as his career took off and his personal life fell apart. DiCaprio almost gave two spots in the movie. The first half saw him easily play the glamorous, extravagant and brilliant billionaire but Hughes’ years later, where he became a stellar actor because Leo was at his best. delivers a performance completely fearless, filled with frustration, doubt, and madness.LeAviatorMissing for: Jamie Foxx in Ray.Worthy decision?: Hard to call one but the Academy probably made the right decision. Foxx absolutely fascinates Ray Charles.LeoAvi

Nominated film and year: Blood Diamond – 2006

Plot and his role: A fisherman, a mercenary, and a group of shady businessmen clash for possession of a priceless diamond found in war-torn Sierra Leone. DiCaprio’s Danny Archer comes together to hold this fragile team together, but he’s far from the usual hero. Conflicted, traumatized and tortured by his origins, he is a mercenary who does whatever it takes to survive. RAY.Missing: Forrest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland.Blood2Worthy decision? Mmm, probably not. Blood Diamond is a movie that has become a favorite, but it never surprised me that it was made specifically for ‘Oscar bait’ purposes. Regarding this, I’d say that Ed Zwick’s film is enjoyable, but sometimes its tone gets stuck between a sociopolitical drama and a regular action thriller. however, it’s also important to note that Leo also starred in The Departed that year (he wasn’t nominated though for some reason) and Academy voters have been known to take into account a the number of actors who accumulate work that year when making their decisions. With this in mind, he fully deserved to win that year’s award.Health1

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Nominated Film and Year: The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

Type: Best Leading Actor.Plot and his role: Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, TWOWS charts his rise from a poor salesman to a wealthy stockbroker, living a life of crime and high corruption. It’s remarkable that DiCaprio came from an impressive but idealistic stockbroker to the obnoxious, noisy and ‘using jackal’ stockbroker. .WolfChestMissing for: Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers ClubWorthy decision: Be honest. Academy voters are usually pretty conservative in their tastes, and The Wolf of Wall Street will never be their cup of tea, no matter how good DiCaprio is at it. However, the real earthquake scene is something else.

Nominated Film and Year: The Revenant – 2016

Plot and his role: While exploring the uncharted wilderness in 1823, legendary border guard Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is injured by a brutal bear attack. When his hunting team leaves him for dead, Glass must use his survival skills to find his way back home to his beloved family. Grief-stricken and motivated by vengeance, Glass travels across frigid terrain in search of John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), his former soulmate who betrayed and abandoned him.RevLeo2Other nominations: Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), Matt Damon (The Martian), Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs), Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl)Will he win?: The bookies seem to think so and while Eddie Redmayne offers the most likely competition, we’re confident the Academy won’t torture Leo anymore.RevLeo

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