Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Quốc tế AMES

Your work or your study topic is a topic too familiar in the IELTS Speaking Part 1 tests. Please refer to the following question and answer suggestions to let’s practice!1. Some frequently asked questions with the topic “Your work or your study”:

  • Are you a student or a worker?
  • Why did you choose your major/job?
  • Has your field of study/work been popular in the last thirty days?
  • How do you like your major/job?
  • Is there anything you don’t like about your major/job?

Suggested answers: For this type of question, you only need to answer fully the required information such as majors, schools. (don’t ask too long) Q: Are you a student or a worker? A: Currently, I’m an 18-year-old student studying at Hanoi University, Vietnam, majoring in business. ? A: I chose it simply because… The reason why I decided… was… The motivation/starting point that I found… .. pretty….

  • If your reason this is your study. you should answer:

I really like…, and I have always believed that I was born to…, and my dream is to become/one… someday.

  • The discipline tends to grow in popularity

It is also acknowledged that…. is a big trend / megatrend, so I believe more and more people will devote themselves to this field.

  • A promising field of study in the future

Personally, I strongly believe that the… field will grow / be in high demand / a sunrise industry.

  • Continuing the family business:

The biggest reason is that my dad is a skillful businessman and I plan to follow in his footsteps after I graduate. Q: How do you like your major/job? …

  • Improve my people skills (improve communication skills) – Example: I enjoy interacting / communicating / mingling with different types of customers.
  • Expand my social network (expand my social network) – For example: I can establish a good relationship in this area.
  • Meet my requirements (fulfill my needs) – Example: Financial security (secure key issues)
  • Advancement opportunities (Promotion opportunities) – Example: Apply yourself (Improve yourself)
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Q: Is there anything you don’t like about your major/job? A: Honestly, the worst thing I have to say about my job is…. are from …

  • I’m a bit bored with sitting in front of a computer screen all day, and I’m craving a job related to human behavior. (in the case you want you to be that you want to be that you so bored of sitting at a computer screen every day and want to do a job where you can interact with more people).
  • To be frank, I am currently experiencing some bottlenecks at work and I want to actively seek some breakthrough, so I have chosen to enhance my competence through studying abroad. (use in the case you want to say that the public job at the end to for you has quite a few obstacles, you want to actively seek a break by studying abroad).
  • I longed to get away from everyday life and live a different life. (Use when you want to show yourself wanting to get out of your daily routine)

The above are suggestions to help you be more confident with IELTS Speaking Task 1. Remember that to evaluate a test candidate’s speech will be based on other good factors such as pronunciation, floating facts. your vocabulary too. Practice just to make your speech more creative and interesting! English AMES

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