Gwen on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need to Know

Gwen in DAYS OF OUR LIVES may look familiar to viewers of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS because the character is played by Emily O’Brien, who played Eden on the CBS sudser from 2006-2001. The actress debuted DAYS on June 5, 2020 and has been a huge hit! Here’s what we know so far… Gwen Rizczech first appeared on Bayview asking Claire Brady to sing for patients. She then notices the “save the date” card Claire has and asks her about Ben and Ciara’s upcoming wedding. Jake Lambert searched for his ex-girlfriend who took something of his value because some goons wanted the item back and when he gave a picture of Gwen to Ben and Ciara, it’s Claire’s new friend! It turns out that Gwen owns a book that Jake took from the mob that contains important names and numbers, and they want it back!Gwen is very interested in Claire… XJJohnson / When Gwen shows up at Claire’s, she reveals the copy of Crime and Punishment that the crowd so desperately wants and while Claire wants to turn it in, Gwen wants to sell it to someone. Highest bid! Eventually, Jake convinces Gwen that the mob would rather kill her than pay her, and she surrenders. She also flirts with Jake and reminds him of how hot they were together, which drives Gabi Hernandez crazy, as she believes that Jake is actually her husband, Stefan DiMera!DAY Gwen Chad JakeThings get complicated in the DiMera mansion! Chad DiMera meets Gwen at a bar and they form a friendship over drinks. So when Gwen and Jake moved into the DiMera mansion, Chad asked her to help track Gabi down for him! She agrees, and Chad also flirts with her to help Jake get jealous. Unfortunately, Jake slept with Gabi and dumped Gwen, who turned to Chad for comfort. But then his wife, Abigail Deveraux, comes home to throw a monkey wrench into that scheme! Although it is widely believed that Gabi was the one who drugged Abigail into horrifying hallucinations, it turned out that it was Gwen who actually did the drugs. Abigail’s Champagne a few months ago! And she was in a relationship with Dr. Rolf who gave her dangerous drugs in the first place!DAY Gwen AbigailGwen is determined to ruin Abigail’s life! Of course, she also made sure Abigail stumbled across Jack Deveraux’s letter to Kate revealing that they slept together while Jennifer Horton was in a coma! And with a few nudges from Gwen, Abigail exposes the secret at the party, blowing up her family! Unfortunately, Gwen was annoyed that Abigail and Jack reconciled relatively quickly, Gwen continued to plot against Abigail, made Chad think his wife was cheating on him, and managed to get the guy drunk and up Her bed on New Year’s Eve! It is revealed that Chad and Abigail have split, much to Gwen’s delight. And when Jack and Jennifer confront Brit about why she hates Abigail so much, Gwen reveals that she’s his sister because Jack is her dad too! Jack protests that he doesn’t remember anyone named Tiffany Rizczech, but a DNA test proves Gwen is his daughter! When Laura Horton tried to explain her role in keeping Jack away from Gwen, the argument heated up and Gwen accidentally caused the woman to fall, hit her on the head and die! Jack promises to support his daughter and she does the right thing in the end, but Abigail wants revenge and draws Gabi into this conspiracy! They kept Gwen in the DiMera tunnel, but Gabi changed her mind and let her go. Jack tries to make peace between his daughters but things become more complicated when Gwen throws stones all over Abigail and then learns that she is pregnant!DAY Dr. Snyder GwenGwen finds out she’s been blackmailed by her own doctor! XJJohnson/jpistudios.comChad agrees to be there for her baby, which makes Abigail naturally very upset, but Gwen is heartbroken when she miscarries. After an argument with Abigail caused her to fall down the stairs, Gwen blamed Abigail for killing her child, though she later admitted she didn’t actually push her. Snyder agrees to help Gwen keep her secret but forces her to act like his drug mule to ensure his silence! Caught between a rock and a hard place, Gwen worries when Xander Kiriakis finds out about her dealings with the doctor but he turns out to be with her. Unfortunately, she was horrified when Dr. Snyder had a fatal heart attack when Xander threatened him, and then had to worry about it happening! Stay tuned with DAYS as Gwen’s story continues!

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