Guide to the Skiing in Canyons Resort

We love Kaylin Richardson | Welove2skiPhoto: © Canyons is not one of those ski resorts that give up its secrets easily. Like a symphony like a crumpled piece of cardboard, the dense array of ridges, peaks and valleys hide all sorts of surprises – and you won’t see them when you’re standing at the end of the elevator, waiting catch Bubble Express oranges. At times, even the locals can be confused by its intricacies. When Welove2ski was there for the last time – on a Saturday, with some fresh powder on the slopes – everyone seemed to be embracing the central belt of the trails. The outer edges of the Canyons trail map are more or less deserted. And that’s definitely a good thing. After all, everyone loves an empty trail. Most of us also welcome a bit of variety – especially once we’ve mastered the parallel turn – and thanks to its complex, multifaceted shape, Canyons gets it right. So along with the steep trails, falls…
Canyons Resort Ski Guide | Welove2skiPhoto: © Welove2ski.c You can ski in the trees…
Canyons Resort Ski Guide | Welove2skiPhoto: Bumps…
Secrets of the canyon trail map | Welove2skiPhoto: © Terrain parks…
The best ski resorts for the Winter Olympics Buzz | Welove2skiPhoto: © Half a natural pipeline…
Canyons Resort Ski Guide | Welove2skiPhoto: And a little bit of other powder too.
(By the way, remember – common to all resorts in North America – the off-piste terrain within the Canyons Resort boundaries is avalanche-protected and patrolled. You don’t have to be on your own. make it look like you’re in the Alps.) into the grounds, and you’ll find your skiing spread in all sorts of new and exciting directions. Strong intermediates and advanced skiers in particular will love the feeling of challenge.

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However, Canyons Resort will not be suitable for everyone


Two groups of skiers will be less enamored when skiing in the Canyons. The first are the wobble intermediates. These are skiers who need plenty of time on long, wide, and gentle trails to build confidence – and the bottom half of Breckenridge in Colorado is just right for them. There are more lightly dressed people in the Canyons, but generally you’ll find them strutting around to avoid steeper terrain. Knitting them all together into a coherent day out will also take your patience with the trail map. Check out the first half of our guide to the best ski resorts for intermediates for some alternatives: and note that both Park City and the nearby Deer Valley are a good fit. less confident skiers. The other group that might disappoint are the powder hounds. That’s right, the Canyons get plenty of light, fluffy Utah snow each winter. Its official average is 9.01m – far more than most Alpine resorts (Val d’Isere average is 5.2m). But there are other resorts in Utah that are much more than that: notably Snowbird (12.7m) and Alta (14.2m), both of which are two valleys to the south in the Little Cottonwood Canyon. Of course, there’s no guarantee your trip will coincide with one of Utah’s famous winter storms. With that in mind, there’s an argument to booking into the Canyons so you’ll have plenty to do if the weather isn’t super snowy. But most niche off-piste junkies will probably want to take their chance with the Snow Gods and position themselves in Little Cottonwood Canyon, just in case…

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Don’t forget the toboggan

Speed, take note. The Olympic snowmobile track from the 2002 Salt Lake City games is more or less next to the Canyons. Descents cost about $200 a head, and it’s not an experience you’ll easily forget (check out the video here if you can’t see it above). What does it feel like? Just two words: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and then “Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”, when the sled comes to a stop at the end of the run, and you realize you won’t die in the end. That’s when adrenaline catches up with you – and carries you through from day to day.

Also don’t forget the neighbors

By North American standards, Canyons Resort’s ski area is huge – including 4,000 acres of avalanche-protected terrain and 182 trails (for comparison, the Three Valleys in France cover a whopping 98,800 acres, although only the trail/trail there is protected against avalanches). Even for energetic skiers, go anywhere there are three or four great days of skiing here before anyone gets bored. But if you want a change of scenery, keep in mind that walking to the neighboring ski areas is always an option.

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