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Obliterum is an item you can get at max level. It is used to power up your crafting armor (not Relics according to wowdev but it works on beta and will probably be changed). So if you crafted an armor with an ilvl of 850 and then applied Obliterum on it, it would become 885. You can increase the crafting item with Obliterum by 5 ilvl each time you apply it. 900 which means you can apply Obliterum to crafting armor 10 times ..850-> 855 855-> 860 855-> 865 865-> 870 870-> 875 875-> 880880-> 885885-> 890890- > 895895->900 The production and application of Obliterum consumes Blood of Sargeras.

How to get Obliterum?


You get Obliterum by destroying crafted Legion items (not only gears e.g. Relics, vases, talismans etc also work). You can Remove any crafted item. The Materials for crafting an item determine how many Obliterum Ash you get when you Make it. Obliterum, you need 100 Obliterum Ashes. An Obliterum increases the item level of a crafting armor by 5, up to a maximum of 900 in patch 7.2.5.

How to get Obliterum Forge?

To be able to destroy already crafted Legion gear, you need access to the Obliterum Forge. You get access to Obliterum Forge by completing a quest line which you can start at level 110 (I was able to get first q at lvl 100 in beta) with the first quest named:

  • “Fire” This quest is located in Dalaran in the Magus Commerce Exchange District, where you have to put out a fire on a wagon.
  • Mysterious Dust You have to find out who caused the fire. Starts and ends in Dalaran and goes pretty fast.
  • Fel Fire’s Trial You must obtain the following items made from crafters – Breaded Silk Tape (Sewing) – Dreadleather Bindings (Leathers) – Gravenscale Bracelets (Leathers) – Demon Armor (Blacksmithing)
  • Council Approval Ask Khadgar for permission to build Obliterum Forge
  • Friends in low places Talk to Oxana Demonslay in Underbelly, who knows how to craft.
  • Cold hard coin Get 100 eyes without eyesight
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Tutorial – How to Earn Unseen Eyes You earn Unseen Eyes in the Dalaran Sewer (Underbelly), a PvP area. – Eyes without sight from a quest There is a quest in Dalaran’s Sewer System that rewards 150 unseen eyes. For those who just want to have eyes for the Obliterum quest line, suggest just doing this. The task is called “Test Drug: Essential Test Subject”. – Elite Mob’s Visionless Eyes In the sewers of Dalaran, there are some Elite mobs that spawn occasionally. Killing them and looting gives you 50-90 Eyes without Sight. – Unseen Eyes from Chests There are several chests in Dalaran’s sewers that you can loot and give you 10, 40, or 100 Eyes with no vision. However, the chest is for all and you may have to fight for it (remember to be flagged for free for all battles).

  • One Mage’s Trash Bin Get the following quest items: – Alchemy fire can only be obtained when Dalaran Drain Guard is not on duty – Insulation can only be obtained while Dalaran Drain Guard is not on duty – Only can get the decommissioned Calefactor while the Dalaran Sewer Guard is off duty
  • The Muck stops here Get 20 Charms. Powerful Underbelly creatures can be found appearing while the Dalaran Sewer Guards are on duty.

After completing this quest, you will have access to Obliterum Forge.obliterum 2

No need to complete the Quest in patch 7.2

In patch 7.2, previous quests are removed to create Obliterum Forge. Instead, you can almost start using Obliterum Forge directly

  • Travel to Dalaran in Violet Citadel.
  • Take the quest “Activate the Forge” from the Archmage Kartain inside Violet Citadel
  • Head to the Magus Commerce Exchange area in Dalaran (see map below).
  • Click on the smithy
  • Place the Item you got from the quest (Archmage Karalins Imbued Silkweave Robe) and remove it.
  • Completing this quest will reward you with 100 Obliterum Ashes used to create one Obliterum. One Obliterum upgrades the 5 ilvls of a crafted armor. For more information on Obliterum, check out my guide here.
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