Getting to Know The Parts of a Window

If you are buying replacement windows, the first thing you should do is learn the parts of the window. That way, as you embark on your journey of meeting the different window contractors in Houston, you won’t be stifled by harsh words that might make you a little uncomfortable: “Single? Twice hanging? It’s inappropriate! “But all those words really mean how many movable dashes. “Wait, but what’s a slash?” Great question! By doing a little research on the different parts of a window, it will make your window replacement shopping a lot easier.What are the parts of a window I should knowAlthough it depends on the type of window replacement you are thinking of purchasing, there are basic parts for each window that you should know:What is a Window Apron?The apron is a decorative piece that is fitted to the wall directly below the window stool. It accentuates the look of the windows inside the house; almost like a molded piece.What is balance?The scale is a device in single- and double-hung windows that uses a spring mechanism to help you support the weight of the hanger as you open and close the window. Scales are inside the window frame so they are partially hidden.What is an interior window cover? What is a window cover?Sheathing is a type of molding used to decorate the perimeter of windows and doors. As their name suggests, inner window covers are installed on the interior walls of the house to frame the interior windows for aesthetic purposes, and the outer window covers are decorative or closed molding. window frames on the outside of the house.What is a window frame?The frame surrounds and supports the entire window system – including the top, guardrails and sills. It is what makes up the perimeter of the window.What is Grid?A grid is a frame of spaced bars that form a pattern in a window.What is hardware?Window hardware is all the equipment, accessories or assemblies used to operate a window. Window hardware can include latches, cords, latches, hinges, handles, locks, shafts, scissors, pulleys, and rolling shutter weights.What is insulated glass?Two or more pieces of glass with gaps between them sealed to provide insulating properties.What is Jamb?Jams are the main vertical components that form the edges of the window. The header or header is the vertical element located at the top of the window frame. The window rests on the seat.What is Jamb Liner?A jamb liner is a strip that goes over the sides of a window frame to provide a snug fit to the window sill.What is an elevator?The lift is a handle on a single or double-hung window that is attached to the bottom of the bottom rail to help open and close the window. Not all windows have elevators.What is Muntins for Windows?Muntins are actual bars that create a grid pattern in the window. They are permanently stuck to the inside and outside of windows.What is Sash? Lower Sash and Upper Sash?A screen is part of the interior window unit but separate from the frame. It is the part of the window you open and close or it can also be stationary. On a regular single-pane window, the bottom or bottom door is a door that can be opened or closed while the upper door on a single-hung window does not move. On double-hung windows you can have two operable screens. The shield is composed of rods, rails, rods and muntins.What is Window Pane?The window pane is the pane of glass that fills the window. When you hear the terms single, double, triple, or even quadruple, it means how many panes of glass are fitted to the window for added insulation. You will also hear these terms replaced by double glazing, triple glazing, or quadruple glazing. Just know those terms mean the same thing.What is railway?The rail is the horizontal component that runs at the bottom of the lower rail and the top of the top rail.What is a Sash Key?A window lock is a locking device that interacts with the window to keep the window from rattling. In double-hung windows, it fixes both windows into a locked position.What is Windows Sill?A window sill is the horizontal component that forms the bottom of a window frame in the interior of a house or building.What is Stile?While rails are components that run horizontally across the top and bottom of the fender, stiles are components that run vertically across the sides of the fender.What is feces?A window stool is a part of a window often referred to as a window sill. However, a stool and a sill are two different things. The window sill is the bottom horizontal part of the window. A stool is a piece of wood, metal, or stone that is mounted on a windowsill that you can place plants on.What is weather stripping?A weatherproof coating is a band of elastomeric material designed to seal fenders and frame elements to reduce air and water penetration.Join in learning your window partsAs you can see, there is a lot to learn before you install alternative windows or if you decide to do it yourself. Most of the top window contractors in Houston will usually take the time to make sure you understand how windows work and the benefits that come with it. But you may come across a window replacement company or two assuming you know what they’re talking about. They’ll flip right through a presentation filled with wacky wordy window jargon that leaves you in the dark. Don’t get caught like a deer in the headlights. And while you’re at it, read up on the latest alternative window innovations like Low-E and Warm Edge technology. We guarantee you will encounter these terms while shopping for replacement windows.

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