Get useless bloatware off your Galaxy S4

Video What is diodict serviceJust a small collection of bloatware that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T). Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin / CNET Like pre-installed programs on Windows PCs, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is filled with “bloatware,” unnecessary apps and services from Samsung or its service providers. you have no value and often try to copy what Google (or third-party) apps have mastered. (AT&T Navigator, anyone?) The biggest insult is that you can’t really uninstall these apps without root – they’ll end up in your app drawer and task manager even when you are not using them. The best solution is to disable them, which will effectively remove them from your app drawer and prevent these apps from working in the background. Application management. Here, swipe left to the “All” pane and find a clunky app you want to hide, like AT&T Navigator or S Memo. Normally, when you tap on an app from this list, you’ll see an option to uninstall it. But for pre-installed apps, you will see a “Disable” button. First, uncheck the Notifications box, then tap Off. Repeat this process for any other bloatware you want to remove. Read more: What the panty pocket is for To see if it works, go back to your app drawer – you’ll notice that the icons for the apps you disabled are gone. Delight! Getting rid of these apps is fun and powerful, but before you begin your bloatware disabling behavior, a word of caution: be careful not to disable any of the essential system processes, which often come bundled with it. with the Android logo. In case you make this mistake, you can always re-enable the process (and any other apps you disabled) back in the Application Manager. Read more: What does crawling taste like

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