Four-Legged Snow Cats Go Skiing

Such is the life of a dog in a ski resort, what with sledding and searching for avalanche victims, like our feature on Snow Dogs. But the Snow Cats also have their roles. No, we’re not talking about sleds that offer a cheaper alternative to helicopter skiing. These are four-legged long-tailed macaques frolicking in the snow, both above and below cats.
Snow Cat Skiing | Welove2ski“Did I forget something?” Photo: © Wikimedia.

Snow Cat | Welove2ski“I told you amazing cats can do 1080 seconds.” Photo: © AM Granberg.

Make sure you check out the Carca Cats video trailer below!

Snow Cat | Welove2ski“Anything a dog can do, I can do better.” Photo: © Carca Cat.

Snow Cat Skiing | Welove2ski“Dogs! Just like the police, never be there when you need them”.
Photo: © Trust and Travel, taken in Monte Amiata, Tuscany.

Snow Cat Skiing | Welove2ski“Rule number one: always place your skateboard higher than you think.” Photo: © Wikimedia.

Snow Cat | Welove2ski“Actually I prefer summer”. Photo: ©

Snow Cat | Welove2skiWant your own snow cat? Classic Etsy sterling silver earrings.

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