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Some users have contacted us using a window containing “The program cannot start because your computer is missing” error. Despite what the error message states, this particular problem has nothing to do with a missing DLL file and can be triggered by a Windows update that interferes with some iTunes components. Even when this problem occurs, users report that they lose the ability to open iTunes and reinstall programs through normal channels.Read: What is apsdaemon.exe System Error If you are currently struggling with this problem, the methods below may help. We have managed to identify several potential fixes that have allowed other users in similar situations to resolve the issue. Please follow each potential fix until you come across a method that can solve the problem. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Set Apple Mobile service to Automatic

Read more: What is the zodiac sign for September 15th It turns out that some Windows updates (which we don’t know) are facilitating some software conflicts that modify the state of Apple Mobile service from Automatic arrive Stop. Not available Apple Mobile iTunes will misbehave and refuse to reinstall. Here’s a quick guide to reverting Apple Mobile service operations to default to resolve – System Error:

  • Press Windows key + CHEAP to open the Run window. Type “services.msc” and hit enter to open Service Windows. Services.msc in the Run dialog box
  • Scroll down through Service list and locate Apple Mobile. It is called Apple Mobile Device Service or Apple Mobile.
  • When you do, right-click Apple Mobile (or Apple Mobile device service) and select Characteristic. 1 . attribute
  • In the attributes of Apple Mobilego Shared access the dropdown associated with Start-up type and set it to Automatic. Then hit Application to save your changes. automatic
  • Restart your computer and try opening iTunes, reinstalling, or whatever else you’ve been prevented from doing before following these steps.
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    If the issue is still not resolved, please scroll down Method 2.

    Method 2: Uninstall through official documentation

    If Method 1 is a bust, you may encounter some cases where you have to completely remove all software components related to iTunes and iTunes before you can reinstall iTunes. Read more: Vigil Masses: What They Are And Where They Come From. instructions for uninstalling iTunes along with all its associated components:

  • Press Windows key + CHEAP to open the Run window. Type “appwiz.cpl” and hit enter open Program and features. appwiz 2
  • In Program and featuresclick Publishing company so you can easily view all of Apple’s software products. Right click on each software signed by Apple and click Uninstall to remove it from your system. apple products
  • After iTunes and all related components are removed, reboot your system.
  • After your computer restarts, open another Run window (Windows key + CHEAP), type “%program files%” and hit Enter. program files
  • Uninstalling iTunes and related components will delete all the folders mentioned below. With this in mind, look for the following folders in Program files and if they exist, remove them: iTunes Bonjour iPod
  • Once you are sure that the above mentioned folders have been deleted, open General documents folder (also under Program files) and then double-click Apple folder. From there, delete the following directories if they still exist: Mobile device support Apple App Support CoreFP apple foldsNote: If you can’t find the Apple folder here, open Program files (x86) folder.
  • Next, empty Garbage can and restart your computer again.
  • After the computer restarts, you can start reinstalling iTunes and all related components. You will have no problem doing so.
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    Method 3: Use a System Restore point

    If the first two methods do not allow you to remove – System Error, use System recovery points will allow you to reverse the changes caused by Windows Update above iTunes.Note: System recovery is a recovery tool that allows Windows users to reverse certain changes made to their operating system. Think of it as an “undo” feature. Here is a quick guide to use System recovery points to fix – System Error: Read more: Types of Security Threats | Top Q&A

  • Press Windows key + CHEAP to open the Run command. Type “Rstrui” and hit enter open System recovery. Press Windows key + CHEAP to open the Run command. Type rstrui and hit enter open System recovery. rstrui
  • To hit Next in the first window, then check the box next to Show more restore points. Choose a restore point before you start having problems with iTunes and click Next button. show more restore
  • To hit End and then click Right at the next prompt to start the restore process. Once the restore is complete, your PC will automatically reboot. After your operating system is restored to its previous version, see if you can open iTunes or reinstall the software.
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