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Learn how to defend better in FIFA 17. When playing FIFA 17, before planning your attack, you need to know how to defend your goal. Here in this guide you will find some defensive strategies and tactics that will help you improve your FIFA 17 defense skills. -17-controller. Based on your platform and controller, try to become familiar with all the buttons and controls for defense, here are the controls for defending FIFA 17 on PS4, Xbox and PC gamepads. club for your warm-up 11. A defender’s overall rating (OVR) says it all, remember, defense (DEF), tackles (TAC), speed (PAC) and headers (HEA) are the key features for player ratings in terms of defence. Choose your best 4 or 5 defenders with the highest ratings. for your CB slots, it would be better to pick defenders with better HEA and TAC ratings. For LB/RB, choose defenders with better PAC and TAC stats. Don’t forget that your midfielders will also help your defenders block attacks. So picking mid lane players with top DEF attributes will improve your defensive skills on the field. Having a couple of Defensive Midfielders out of your 11 starts is a good option, if you don’t want them in your 11 starts you should keep them on the bench for important situations. Consider these tips when playing Ultimate Team, choose the best defenders and don’t forget that chemistry is an important factor in FIFA Ultimate Team.Formation of FIFA 17Your best formation is important how many defenders you have in your defence, but what is more important is how you will manage your defense when the opponent is attacking your goal. . You need to engage all the players to prevent getting a goal, not just your defenders. Even your strikers should be involved in defensive efforts. That means you need to choose a formation that makes YOU comfortable to block the opponent’s attacks. 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2 or 5-3-2 are suggested as defensive formations because these formations are more dynamic to switch between defense and attack modes. But again, you need to find your best lineup. Record Your Weaknesses After forming your team, you need to see how it works and what your weaknesses are. Go and play offline and online matches – For online games, I recommend playing friendly/unranked matches, especially when you play Section. Don’t neglect to pay attention to your weaknesses, note the ways you get on target. Whether it’s heading from a cross or a direct shot, the key point is to recognize the holes in your defense and fix them. Find out what caused you to concede a goal, was it a silly mistake or your lack of defensive skills? Put them down completely and make a checklist so you can go through and fix them one by one. That is the key point to improve your defensive skills.FIFA 17 Man to Man DefendingWin Man-to-Man Matches Try to win most man-to-man matches that take place on grass. Block the opponent’s dribbling with short tackles, only making slips when you’re sure you’ll hit the ball, not the opponent’s foot. Patience is the key. Do not be stressful. Even if your opponent’s attackers run to your goal with more players than your defenders, you don’t need to stress and get flustered. The only thing at that point that will help, is your ability to manage such a situation. Try to embarrass the other person, confuse them, and narrow your options. Remember that timing is very important to them, and you need to buy time to sabotage their attack. Focus on man-to-man matches and play short tackles with ball-carrying players, as well as tacklers. Run jockeys to get your teammates involved in the situation. Sometimes you just have to take control of the other players and find yourself a player who has lost the ball but is in a better situation to score. Sometimes you really don’t need to do anything, remember the CPU is controlling your defenders all the time and often it does a better job than you will! So if you let them fend for themselves, you’ll likely end up with better results. , you will be able to manage the situation to prevent a target. The best way to do this is to confuse your opponent. When the attacker runs out of time (since most of your defenders are probably running towards him), it would be a good solution to keep him from making a decision. How? Maybe you can put the goalkeeper forward, but this method does not always work, because the striker can score easily with a simple shot. So the problem is leaving the striker uncertain about what he is going to do. I usually bring the goalkeeper out midway to confuse the striker. Most of the times it works. I got the keeper off the line, but not too far from the goal post, so my opponent thought I was going to get him all the way, so he made the choice to either shoot hard or shoot. cheap – usually both fail because my keeper is not far from goal.

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