Fallout 4: Virgil’s Serum Location

Fallout 4: Virgil’s Serum Location

Where to get it in the Institute


The size of the Institute is not large, but where to find the Serum is not immediately obvious, if, like me, you wanted to keep your promise to Virgil after he helped you infiltrate the Institute, then you are probably confused. don’t know where to look. The serum he hopes will transform him. Do this as soon as possible after finding the Institute. If you wait too long, you will fail the mission after returning to Virgil with the Serum. Definitely bring a few healing items and prepare for a fight.

Go to the Institute

Even if you’ve been there before, you should be able to get there quickly unless you’re hostile towards the inhabitants.

Locate biological science

Where to find Virgil Head to the Biological Science Laboratory to continue. Search the Biosciences Laboratory. This is one of the few that has words highlighted under the icon, so it’s not the only blue one. From there, you want to find the FEV lab – the one in the back, secured with a beginner level lock, meaning anyone can get inside. FEV Lab in Fallout 4 This door leads to a seemingly abandoned part of the building, guarded by an Assaultron and several Laser turrets.

Inside FEV – Fight for the Serum

A crippled attacker in Fallout 4 Even if an Assaultron’s legs were untied, it was dangerous. It’s probably safe to quickly save here, as there will be no alarm. I did that briefly, but had to scrutinize it because I didn’t know what the real threat was. After the Assaultron, there is nothing remarkable – only 5 or 6 Turrets and lots of materials. This place seems completely abandoned. Going through the hallway, you really can’t miss the serum machine pictured below, because there aren’t many branches outside of this hallway. Catch Virgil Virgil’s Serum is located in the corner of the WTF room, inside this machine. Take it and get out. To minimize spoilers, I won’t show pictures of the lab here, so you can see it for yourself at first. This can color your view of the Institute and help you choose a side. Of course, you can be fine with the way they handle things! Virgil in Fallout 4 needs a Serum to return to himself and break his curse. Deliver the Serum to Virgil in time, and you will complete this side quest. You can use the terminal at the end to exit this area and return to the main Institute building. No one will know what you did while inside, and you can return the serum to Virgil at his Rocky Cave in the Bright Sea. have guts for it, but if you do it for him after persuading him you can get his Laser Rifle, which deals +50% damage to Supermutants. Contact I hope you found this guide helpful. If you think I’ve missed something that everyone wants to know, please email [email protected] with a hint.

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