Fallout 4 Base Building, Settlement Guide

In Fallout 4, the player has the ability to create a new life amid the ravaged landscape. Through the Workshop feature, players who enjoy collecting loot and scavenging materials can work to put their efforts to good use by creating unique structures and settlements. In this Base Building Guide for Fallout 4We will provide basic instructions for building and maintaining Fallout 4 SettlementInstead, if you need help with anything else related to Fallout 4, head over to our Fallout 4 tutorial hub, which contains mission guides and region guides. survivors in the form of a settlement. Settlements can be created anywhere there is a Workshop. The Workshop allows you to build and move objects throughout the area within the green Workshop boundary. To build, you must first have the necessary ingredients to create the desired items.

Workshop – Getting Started with Settlements in Fallout 4

Start by opening the Workshop across the street from your old house. With the Workshop view open, walk around the area where you plan to build your settlement. Items that can be discarded or stored are outlined in green, while damaged items that can only be removed are outlined in yellow. Discard all the yellow items you find and store the green ones you want to use later. Scroll through the different tabs in the Workshop to familiarize yourself with the available items. Each object displays a list of the components needed to create the object. Missing components can be tagged for search, which places a magnifying glass icon next to items containing the missing element. The object can be built or placed anywhere within the Workshop boundary, as long as it is highlighted in green in the preview. If the marker is red, you will need to adjust the position or find the ground even to place the object. If you want to move an object after it has been placed, simply highlight and select the object to reset. If you decide you don’t want to use an object anymore, don’t discard it, as this will yield a smaller amount of components than you used to build it. Instead, simply store the item in the Workshop for future use.

Maintaining the settlement in Fallout 4

You cannot move this Desktop, but you can move others, such as the Weapon Desktop. Your first settlement will likely be in Sanctuary. Some of the survivors have settled into the site and will ask you to help with some chores to familiarize you with the basics of settlement maintenance. Open the Workshop menu and look at the top bar on the interface. This will list how many settlers are in the area, as well as several other categories that must be maintained: Food, Water, Electricity, Defense, Bed, and Happiness. The colors of these categories determine the overall state of a given settlement. Happy Residence. Maintain a downward settlement to ensure that your settlers maintain a high Happiness rating. To do this, you must have enough beds, food, water, defense and strength based on the number of settlers in your community. Build beds in your settlementThe bed is quite simple. You only need at least one bed per settler, otherwise they can get a little cranky. Open Workshop and consider the choice of bed. Reserve enough beds for the number of settlers you have. Beds can be placed in existing structures, so there is no need to waste resources building new homes for them. When it’s time for bed, settlers will automatically occupy the bed as long as they stay within the settlement area. You can also rest on any bed to replenish your missing health, giving you a temporary 10% XP boost when fully rested. Maintain food in your settlementf4 base 01 1You can use the food from your inventory to grow more at your settlement. Food is another basic commodity your community needs to survive. If you have harvested produce while scavenging, such as corn or melons, you can grow these to feed your settlers and have a regenerative food source. Start by choosing a location to plant your tree. Note that the product can only be grown in the soil. Open Workshops and switch to Food in the Resources section. Select a food item that you have and press Build to grow crops where you want. Go to one of the settlers while in the Workshop interface and press Command. Now switch to the crops you want them to work on and select Assign to increase the Food rating of your settlement.Note: If you get your Prestige to Level 7 and buy the Local Leader Privilege, then you can establish supply lines between settlements. If you do this, you can go to another settlement and use their Workbench, which gives you access to the resources you have at each settlement connected to the supply line. To set up a supply line, go into Desktop mode, then look at one of your settlers, there will be instructions at the bottom of your screen to assign them to the supply line. Provide water for your settlementIn a world ravaged by nuclear fallout, clean water is a rare commodity. To keep your settlements hydrated, you must provide them with a source of water. From the Workshop view, go to the Water tab in the Resources section. Select the Water Pump and decide where to place it. Note that Water Pump requires concrete, so make sure to remove some relevant resources nearby if you’re missing components. Power your settlementf4 apartment 02 2Strength can be quite complicated, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. To power devices like lights, fans, and even water purifiers, you must first start with building a generator. Select a generator from the first tab of the Sources section in the Workshop and decide where to place it. There are several types of generators, varying in power output and resource costs. Usually, you should place the generator near the house or structure where your bed and living space are located. where you intend to place an object that requires power. Hover over the generator and press Attach Wire to connect the wires from the generator to the pole. The pole will now power nearby electrical objects, such as lights. If you’re having trouble with the light, try moving the pole while it’s connected to the generator and placing it in various locations near the fixture to get an idea of ​​the wattage range. Generators generate a limited amount of electricity, indicated by a ray of light below the object. Protect Your Settlementf4 apartment 03 3Turrets are a great way to prevent Raiders from getting too close. Ultimately, you have to make sure your settlement is protected. Do this by opening the Workshop and selecting the Defense section. Here you will find various defensive objects, including guard posts and turrets. Remember that guards require a post’s resolver to be assigned in order for it to count towards the mediation protection rating. As you did with crops, command a settler from within the Workshop interface and select the guard to assign them. Turrets and other defensive items do not require workers, but usually take a bit more resources to build. Having a low defense rating increases the chances of your settlement being hit by enemies, so make sure to maintain this rating in the green.

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General Tips and Tricks for Payments

Follow the tips outlined in this guide and you’ll be able to easily set up some happy communities in no time. For more helpful tips, check out our Fallout 4 Tutorials and Tutorials. As you explore the wasteland, you’ll discover areas where Workshops are available, and possibly even a few settlers. Note that materials you scrape and store in a specific Workshop area can only be used to craft objects within that Workshop area. If you don’t find enough materials in the surroundings of the new settlement, you may need to move to your main base to gather materials into your inventory to take to the new Workshop location.Note: If you’re trying to move settlers from one settlement to another but can’t, this can be remedied through your Charisma. You are allowed 10 settlers per Workbench (not weapons or armor), plus one more for every Prestige point you have. If you have one Workbench and seven Charasima, you can bring 17 settlers into your settlement, plus yourself for 18. Some perks may also aid in resource gathering. In the Intelligence category of the Privilege Chart, there is a perk called Scrapper that allows certain materials, such as copper and screws, to be removed from dropped armor. This is a much more practical way to get rid of bulky pieces of armor. As your settlement grows, try to maintain their Happiness rating by expanding upon the basic conditions outlined in this guide. You can check the Overall Happiness level of each of your created settlements by hovering over their stats while viewing the Map.

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