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Seven years after winning his first Royal Rumble, 12-time WWE World Champion Randy Orton has once again booked tickets to WrestleMania. Goldberg’s dominance and fury, to name a few. All that said, it was a bit disappointing from an unexpected participant’s point of view, and the match had too many superstars with no chance of winning. This is not a memorable Rumble.

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– Sean CoyleOrton was the last man standing among 30 participants in Sunday night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event at the Alamodome in San Antonio. In the main event and key match of the night, Orton knocked Roman Reigns off with a clothesline after an RKO and threw him off the ring. match, following appearances by Brock Lesnar (No. 26), Goldberg (28), The Undertaker (29) and Reigns (30). After a series of memorable standoffs that could very easily have ignited various WrestleMania feuds, it was Orton who secured a title chance at WrestleMania 33 on April 2, in Orlando. , Florida. “I’d say I feel the same way.” I’ve accomplished a lot of great things here, more than that,” Orton told shortly after his win. “I think I heard today that there are 23 winners here in 30 Royal Rumbles. That’s a pretty short list, given the history of WWE and how long WWE has been around. But I’m not just one of 23, I’ve done it twice. It’s only rewarding after stacking, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Orton, a member of the Wyatt Family, stepped in at 23rd and immediately cleaned the house with some of his signature RKOs, including an impressive one where he caught Sami Zayn in midair. after Zayn jumped off the top rope. However, two positions later drew Wyatt Family member Luke Harper into the match, creating a memorable moment. became a peacemaker for a time before removing Harper from the group. Wyatt managed to stretch an olive branch one last time, before Harper surprised his former leader with a stiff swing before eating a massive retaliatory blow from Orton. Abigail (including a signature kiss on Wyatt’s forehead), Orton rescues Wyatt again with an RKO on Harper.

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When asked about memorable sequences, and where things seem to be going, it’s understandable Orton wants to keep much of that stuff “close to the chest”. But he does explain how important moving to The Wyatt Family was to his career. “I’m Wyatt because I want to be in the most dominant group in WWE right now,” Orton said. “I wouldn’t say the most dominant group in history, because you always hear about the best group in history, the most dominant group in history, etc. Everything is ‘in history.’ Twist it off. “Right now, we are the bad guys here. I’m doing what I have to do, so to speak,” Orton continued. “But tonight is great to see how it goes, because Luke definitely has a chip on his shoulder. He tried to give Bray a sister Abigail. I saved Bray. As far as I know, whether it’s me, Bray and Luke, or just me and Bray, we’re a devastating group. And that’s what we have to do. That’s what we’re good at. “The most enduring moments of the 2017 Royal Rumble match eased the tension. Lesnar entered the box like a spinning ball, quickly eliminating the two superstars before serving the ball to German Chris Jericho and Baron Corbin. He then added an F5 for Jericho and Orton. After staring fiercely, Goldberg ducked under the clothesline and stabbed Lesnar with a giant spear. He followed with a running clothesline to eliminate “The Beast” and once again put his opponent to shame. The Undertaker’s music hit just minutes later, causing a complete blackout in the arena, and instead of going down the ramp, The Undertaker surprised Goldberg by appearing in the ring after him when the lights came back on. again. Although Goldberg hit him with a spear, The Undertaker later regrouped to eliminate him. The Undertaker, in which both superstars have punches, Reigns escaped a choke and knocked out a Superman punch. last three. Reigns got out of the doubles situation early for Superman to punch both men before eliminating Wyatt and setting up a showdown with Orton. “I arrived late at 23, and that gave me the edge,” Orton said. “A few times, like after that F5, I had to sit and try to mentally recheck to make sure I was in one piece, because it was a tough landing.” That spear from Goldberg is a little bit as well. He runs past you. It’s been 10 or 12 years since I did that. The few times I was disappointed, stuffed animal style, I was able to watch. What is still fresh in my mind is that when Undertaker took Goldberg out, [and] when Roman took Undertaker out. Undertaker vs Goldberg confrontation. Of course, Brock will slaughter everyone. I think I am one of them. All of those points are perfect for me. ”

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