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To sell stolen goods in ESO, you will have to locate the Fence Seller. The NPCs in the Fence can be found inside the Outlaw Hideout. These hedge traders trade gold for your stolen goods, do laundry, and pay bonuses. There is a limit to how many goods you can sell per day, so they recommend selling your items from best (most expensive) to worst (least expensive).Fence sellers will:Read: eso where stolen goods are sold

  • Exchange gold for stolen items
  • Accept payment to clear your bounty (thus clearing the criminal status)
  • Allows players to wash stolen items

Read more: Where can I get my braces off for free In addition to selling to tailors, they also do laundry. This process converts an item from stolen to not stolen (what else the IDK might call it). For example, if you steal a key from an NPC, go to the fence, find the laundry tab, and pay the price of the item. This will make the item legal and cannot be taken from you if a guard catches you with the bounty. If you have a bonus, when first talking to the fence seller, this option becomes available. Having passive skills in the Legerdemain skill tree and the Thieves Haven skill tree can reduce the percentage of bonuses you will have to pay. Additionally, these skill trees have various passives, all of which aid in the attempt to commit a crime.

List of all outlaw hiding places

secret entrance to outlaw hideoutRead more: where to catch walleye stardew Valley | Top Q&ATTo locate Outlaw shelters inside major cities. Unfortunately, there is no Outlaw Refuge in every city. However, when you find a city with a hideout, you’ll see a three-leaf icon usually in two locations within that same city. This is because most refugees have two secret entrances. Each entrance will be unique and creative. For example, the entrance could be a discreet pipe on the edge of a city, or a sewer pipe. The only indicator will be the icon and interaction that pops up when you get close enough.Cities with Outlaws Hideout:

  • Alik’r . Desert – Sentinel outlaw refuge
  • Auridon – The outlaw hideout of the Vulkhel Guards
  • Bangkorai – Evermore Outlaws Refuge
  • Clockwork City – The Outlaw Shelter of Slag . Town
  • Craglorn – Belkarth . Outlaw Refuge
  • Deshaan – Outlaw refuge Mournhold
  • Eastmarch – Windhelm’s Outlaw Refuge
  • Glenumbra – Daggerfall’s outlaw hideout
  • Gold Coast – Anvil’s outlaw hideout
  • Grahtwood – Elden Root Outlaws Refuge
  • Greenshade – The outlaw refuge of Marbruk
  • Hew’s Bane – The Thief Den
  • Malabal Tor – Velyn Harbor’s Outlaw Refuge
  • Elsweyr of the North – Rimmen’s outlaw refuge
  • Reaper’s March – Outlaw refuge Rawl’kha
  • Rivenspire – Shornhelm’s outlaw refuge
  • Shadowfen – Stormhold outlaw refuge
  • Stonefalls – Davon’s Watch Outlaws Refuge
  • Stormhaven – Outlaw refuge Wayrest
  • Summerset – Alien’s outlaw refuge
  • Rift – Outlaw refuge in Richestre
  • Vvardenfell – Vivec City’s outlaw hideout
  • Wrothgar – Orsinium’s outlaw hideout
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For more information on these locations visit Wiki.Read more: Where to get gas project zomboid

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