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You don’t have to be an insider to know that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian were never friends. Although their husbands have been very close for many years (until recently), Kim and Beyonce are barely photographed together and always stay as far apart as possible when in the same room. believes a lot of the buzz we hear in Hollywood, that we can’t help but think that a new report of a phone call between Queen Bey and Kimmy K could be legit juice. smoothing out her and Kanye’s relationship with Bey and Jay – you might remember Kanye talking about his old friend and collaborator on stage before he broke up, attacking Jay for never visiting hours after Kim was robbed with a gun, and lamented the fact that their daughter Blue Ivy had. never had a playdate with North. [at the VMAs] unless you win Video of the Year over me and over Hotline Bling. In my opinion… sometimes, we play too much politics and forget who we are, just to win. F*** win. F*** looks cool. “So great.” But alas, Kim’s olive branch appears to have been blown away by Queen Bey. “Beyonce turned Kim down when Kim called her to try to ease the tension after Kanye was hospitalized,” a source told the website. “She basically told Kim to never contact her or her husband again and say things like she thinks the two of them were made for each other because they are both incompetent and pathetic! “, but Kanye’s public criticism of his former allies may have pushed her aside. Beyonce and Jay Z are known to only prefer to keep their private lives – private – so they will Beyonce and Jay Z have close ties to Hillary Clinton, who lost the US presidential debate to Donald Trump after an ugly and scandalous campaign. split – and just this month Kanye publicly aligned with Trump, met the president-elect at headquarters in New York and created a photo opportunity afterward. 2016 was a rough year for many, and as we head into a new year, it looks like Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship with Kimye is on the back foot. … Beyonce knows Kim has a habit of recording her phone calls, right?

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