Endo Farming Guide – Best Places To Farm Endo in 2021

Endo is a very important resource in Warframe and is used to upgrade all the different mods you can find. Finding a low amount of Endo is pretty easy, because it drops from enemies all over the solar system and can even be claimed as a reward for various quests. in the right tasks. Finding those – especially if you’re still new to the game – can be a problem, and especially in the early stages of the game, it can be difficult to find a reliable Endo source of income. out to everyone – from new Tenno to veteran players. So while some of these methods will yield higher Endo counts, they are often not a viable source for new accounts.

Where is Endo Farm? The best places to farm


Dive in and start this tutorial with all the tasks, ideas, and methods that will lead to you having more Endo – and there are many of these. Normally, you should farm Endo every chance you get, because you’ll need a lot of it. Think of the following ideas on how to farm Endo:

Dissolve duplicate mods:

This is a great way to earn a lot of Endo and to be honest, somehow, a lot of people completely forget about it. You can dissolve mods at your mod station (popular mods are worth 5 Endo, uncommon mods are worth 10 and rare mods are worth 15 Endo – never dissolve mods that have been your bait). At some point you will have hundreds or thousands of copies from just one mod.

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Selling Ayatan Sculptures:

There are different ways to get Ayatan Sculptures – from doing weekly quests on Maroo’s Bazaar (on Mars) to finding them randomly in a quest or getting them as rewards from Sorties or Arbitrations quests , you can quickly get a lot of sculptures. take your Ayatan Amber Star and Ayatan Cyan Star and put them in sculptures you can easily sell each of them for a few thousand Endo.Read more: How to make friends with bpd Only need Maroo’s Bazaar, talk to Maroo and sell your sculptures to her!

Referee duties:

The best way to farm Endo is to do the Arbitration quests. You almost always get Endo or Ayatan Sculpture as a reward for each round, so you can quickly hit thousands of Endos. This isn’t really a good way for new players to farm Endo, but once you can run these, your Endo earnings will explode!

Excavation Reward:

Another pretty quick way to get some Endo is to do high level Excavation quests, specifically on Cholistan (Europa), Despina (Neptune) and Hieracon (Pluto). gives you a 25% chance of getting 400 Endo.If you find yourself a good team and open two miners at the same time, you will get a well-deserved amount of Endo plus all the other great rewards you have can get here!

Rathuum Arena:

Farming Vodyanoi (Sedna) has the potential to be an even better source of Endo than the Arbitration quests if you can find a perfectly equipped group. Combine these with a high damage weapon (Tigris Prime and Kohm are often used here) to get the highest possible Endo drop. You should also know about the Legendary Core, a super rare item (0.5% drop chance) that can only be rewarded for completing Sorties. This item will max out every mod from rank 0 to max rank. Read more: How to get rid of the cigarette smell from your hands Even though it doesn’t technically give you any Endo you will be able to save up to 40,920 Endo if you use Legendary Core on a non-tiered main mod class.Sell ​​all your Ayatan Sculptures for a lot of Endo.

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Other ways to farm Endo in 2021

A very important piece of information about Endo is that technically, Endo works like a resource, but it doesn’t fall in the same category as all the normal resources you can find in Warframe. won’t double the Endo you pick up, and the increased chance of resource drop won’t either be the amount of Endo you can get in each quest. corpses around him to drop more loot with a 54% chance, which means you’ll get an extra 54% Endo for each quest. These Warframes will also help you gather more resources, mods, and anything else that can be thrown down by enemies around you. So playing them and carrying them is often a good way to get quicker access to the resources needed to craft a new weapon or Warframe. your whole party) buff ‘double and relationship’. It basically works like a resource double, but will also double the credits and Endo you get for picking it up for 120 seconds long.


You’ll need to get a lot of Endo on your journey through the Warframe. Leveling up all the mods can be very expensive, so make sure to always have enough credit in your back pocket and maybe give our Stats guide a turn! If not, be sure to keep an eye on each Endo drop during your mission and follow this guide to increase the number of Endos you possess quickly. If you think we’ve missed an important piece of information regarding Endo, please leave us a comment! Read more: How to track friends in Hearthstone’s Spectator mode | Top Q&A

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