dragon ball xenoverse how to get all dragon balls

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you can collect Dragon Balls and summon Shenron in Toki Toki. Finding them can take a lot of time and you don’t have a Dragon radar to help you. This Dragon Ball Xenoverse guide will help you find the Dragon Balls so you can start making wishes.

Searching for the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The only method I’ve found to get the Dragon Ball is to fight random Time Patrols during Parallel Quests. They appear in a few areas but this is the easiest way to farm quickly. You will need to unlock the 3 star rating to do this quest. Read: dragon ball xenoverse how to get all dragon balls Read more: One way squares Go to 3-star Parallel Quest menu and choose Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force! Now you need to know in order to keep the Dragon Ball you need to complete the quest, so don’t walk away if you get one! Choose your team and start the quest. Right at the start of the mission use your computer to look for a randomly named Time Patrol guy in the first area, if you don’t see a click try again and look again . When you see the number, talk to it and fight it. When you win, it will announce that you have received the Key Item or Item. The key item is the Dragon Ball, you usually get two in these battles. If you don’t get the Key Item, try again and fight the Patrol guy again. Make sure you don’t beat the mission within 5 minutes, otherwise you might have to fight Frieza which will keep you around longer. I can usually farm 4-5 dragonballs alone from here before they stop handing them out. Now after you stop taking them, you need to do one of two things. The first thing is to do a few quests to reset the area. I’m not sure if this was necessary but I did 3 quests because I fought a guy about 15 times and he didn’t drop any more Dragon Balls. Another thing I had to do was switch to my character. I’m using SSj4 Gogeta (Yes, I know I’m a kid) and I think the game realizes I’ve wasted them WAY to be fast. When I switched to my guy, I fought the Time Patrol guy and the Dragon Ball fell on the first try! You can also find the Time Patrol guy in other areas like Kami’s Lookout and where the Raditz Pod lands, but these aren’t as consistent as Capsule Corp. There are also missions where you will have to fight the Time Patrolmen. Boom of Namek and Burst Open and Mix! are two examples that have Time Patrol people to fight, you need to do bonus objectives to get them.Read more: How to tune g30 ping driver Once you have Dragon Balls go to Plaza Of Time and place them in the center of the area.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Wish List

I want money – Give 500000 Zeni (Thanks ImJustSaiyan) I want a rare item – Give a Power Pole! (Thanks for the photo of Raphie Barreto) I want to wear clothes – Get the costume Journey to the West, not sure about the stats. (Thanks for the photo Raphie Barreto) I want to be stronger – Gave me two mix items, a Soul Echo device and a soul diffuser that I want to evolve – Gives you enough experience to level up . I’ll skip this one because later in the game leveling becomes really easy. (Thanks for the Raphie Barreto pic) I want a new Ultimate Attack – For Ultimate Attack Blitz Hell, a 2nd Minus Energy Ball. (Thanks for the Raphie Barreto pic) I want a new Super Attack – Give it to Super Attack Lightning Bomber, Drain Field, Lightning Ruin and Air Consume. The second time is the Castrol Lightning Dragon Bullet, the Lightning Bullet, the Cyclone Cyclone, and the Sleep Boy Box technique. (Thanks for the photo Raphie Barreto) I wish more usable characters – Unlocked SSJ4 Gogeta for me the first time, 2nd time Super 17 and 3rd time Omega shenron. (Thanks for the photo Raphie Barreto) I want a second chance in my life – Your skill points have been confirmed! (Thanks for the photo Raphie Barreto) I want to be gorgeous – Let you change the look of your character (Thanks ImJustSaiyan) I will update it as I get more wishes so please check check back soon. If you’d like, leave a comment and let us know what you get for us to update! Read more: how to downgrade from ios 9.3.4 to 9.3.3

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