Dolph why you fuck his girl

Artista: Young Dolph

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1 Range letra de Young Dolph Verses Read: Dolph why you fuck his girl (achievement. G Herbo) (Youth Dolph 🙂 (Allows the band to play) Yes All I request is a strip, a couple, was available in this song alone I Dolph, why are you the girl? Uh, trash, ’cause I’m a Quarterback gamer, no NFL (Ayy), fun in hiding Playin’ by Chanel (Drippy) as well as going real estate hunting with my lil girl (Aria) ) The elevator was also crowded, so I took the stairs (Woo) The whole market is working, so now I’m providing male services for ’em heck (Ha), I spend a million in the mail (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), yeah III reward the bitch like some shoes, I police them with the kit (It’s Dolph) She likes it when I take her neck of her as well as painting her with her hair (It’s Dolph) In my city I’m more important than the damn mayor (It’s Dolph) exactly 10 years, I’ve set the costs on kush, I promise (It’s Dolph) I got your bitch look for Flippa (Where is he?) I let her ride like a bike (Ah) I took out as well as the upper breast her dimples (Ah) “Milliard” for this Richard (Mille) I need more of them and o metrics (Run it on) Niggas realizes that I’m the sickest (True) Bitches realize I’m the gentlest Whip my cock out just as angry about how you feel (Honestly) I heard that song from Memphis (Okay) I heard he used to get caught in Fendi (Okay) I heard he would most likely go to jail in a Bentley (Okay) Strap with me in New York City (Uh) Lil’ black nigga with all these damn papers on me, masculine What does fu *kthey mean, man? I can’t go out like that (Uh), huh, stand up (G Herbo:) Bangin’ L, swangin’ ranges (What?) Shakin’, got deposits in my nails (What? ) Let’s make genuine cash, we bustin’ bunch Everyone on the floor recognizes the smell, uh High school dropout Needs to start carrying my Glock, can’t reveal nor announce, uh (Sound) household) Big brother gets a life in the federation Can’t talk on the phone, but he realizes his will Go out fishing with a big bag ‘Until I show up at your house , i sold my head, realized i was dominant 18 years old, my OG saw me jump out of the Benz or Bonneville (Bah) I have a manor, appeared that bitch just came out of the shootout, I’m so upset. I’m in New York City with my nigga Dolph, he’s still wearing the cuffs, but the neck is still around Gabbana’s neck (Uh) I’m still rockin’ Christian Dior with a bag full of blue, all black but it’s still Prada (Swerve) I’m still in ‘Raq, Benihana, don’t consume in Hamada See opp, he can be eliminated (Swerve) Be informed lil’ brother take me out in Bally Go out’ Raq, he can come close, capture a body (Shh) I’ll take your place in a ‘smoker’ Lam out a sack. Turn your back, go away, artefacts (Skrrt) I haven’t started with trash but my pipe is like a box of Twenty mags on me, that’s my Gettin’ starter pack too much cash, we’re not trying to be arch-enemies You realize we’re triggering the flight (Bah) I’m in the open air, that’s what we won in the match against Nigga, we’re not part-time Grab being a youngin, he just sent it right towards you (Seeing) You never heard that solid rap? (Go get them) On a nigga head then we simply can’t catch you Rotate twice, crazy as hell we went right in front of you Have you ever tried to eliminate a nigga simply because you need? Leanin’ up in the club like Scamp (Huh?) Everyone’s as plentiful as hell, not overdue. I can go get an M from my mom’s board. Let me see what you’ll do, we can tag group 2 Oh, you’re not with junk food, someone threw you Kel-Tec in my lap, if God honor you, I define you Have you fill the bag with your junk food (Pussy) Read more: Why am I single quizTraducción: Traducida / Equate – Tradução – Russian – Deutsche Übersetzungen – Traduzioni – 1 Range Video Clip Enviar Letras Puedes comprar y escuchar en Amazon. com e Itunes en: Youngful Dolph Verses- Guitarra acustica Read more: Why are gas prices rising

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