Disable Nvidia Capture Server proxy [AutoStart folder]

At the moment, NVIDIA is one of the leading hardware manufacturers of graphics processing units. Many users notice NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy running in Task Manager. Some of them have doubts about this file and want to delete it from their computer. What is Nvidia Capture Server proxy? That’s what some of you might be thinking. Read: what is the nvidia capture server Oh, it’s actually a service available after you buy the NVIDIA GPU and install the GeForce Experience Control Panel. Some users have complained about this on the official NVIDIA forum: I just reinstalled my OS, installed the latest NVIDIA drivers and noticed the NVIDIA Capture Server. I have never seen it before. What is this? Read more: Pseudo-psychology: Definitions & Examples | Top Q&A Read the following and learn how you can disable the NVIDIA Capture Server proxy.

How to disable NVIDIA Capture?


1. Game Stream’s Turn

  • Open NVIDIA GeForce Experience register.
  • Towards Setting and check Featured.
  • Turn off Game stream.NVIDIA Game Stream
  • NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy is a component of the Game Stream service. For this reason, it will allow you to stream your game to other devices in your home. This solution requires you to close the Online Games service. After you close the process, that will reduce the amount of resources it uses.

    2. Disable Nvidia Capture Server proxy from topqa.info

  • Press Windows + key CHEAP to open Run.Open Run from the beginning
  • Knock on taskmgr.WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT
  • Look for NVIDIA related processes.
  • Find and turn off NVIDIA Streamer Service and NVIDIA Streamer User-Agent.
  • Click Windows and type topqa.info in the search bar.Open service
  • Find NVIDIA Streamer Serviceverify Service Statusand click Stop.
  • Press ALRIGHT to confirm the action, then click Start-up type box.
  • Choose Disable optional, click ApplicationAnd after that ALRIGHT.
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    Once you have disabled the NVIDIA Streamer Service, this will prevent it from starting automatically in the future. This solution allows you to verify how many NVIDIA services are running and close those that are not needed. Two of them are Streamer Service and User-Agent. These services allow you to stream games from your PC to NVIDIA Shield devices. It is not necessary to let them run in your operating system. Read more: What does OBS truck mean? | Top Q&A When you disable them, that will completely disable NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy. This solution will free up some computer memory and your gameplay will also improve.

    3. Disable NVIDIA Web Helper service

  • Press Windows + CHEAP shortcut to open Run and type in topqa.info.
  • Press enter and go to Service.
  • In that section, locate NVIDIA Network Service Container.nvidia capture proxy server s2 p5 1 5
  • Open it, go to Start up and change its state to Disable.
  • Click Application And after that ALRIGHT.
  • The NVIDIA Web Helper service is intended to automatically download new drivers and then install them. In some cases, it will interrupt other computer processes. This solution allows you to disable this service. Once done, you will not find NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy as an active process in Task Manager. If you want to disable NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy, try our simple and tested solutions from the previous section. Streaming services, processes from Windows services, and not only. The first two solutions will also enhance your computing experience and free up computing resources. Check them out and leave us a comment about your experience.Read more: what is butter whipping | Top Q&A

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