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Differential bearing kit


Transtar’s differential bearing set includes: Front and rear gear bearings, bearing bearings, nuts, rack gear seals, PINION SHIMS, housings, Gear Marketing Compounds and Application Brushes for Compounds gear marketing. Shaft bearings and shaft seals are sold separately for each application.

More than 200 kits available

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CrushSleeves.png An outer sleeve is designed to prevent your gear bearings from being preloaded too tight and to prevent the gear nuts from coming loose. Gear marking compound with application brushRead more: what is cc in league of legends | Top Q&A GearMarkingCompound.jpg To check the tooth pattern of a gear, paint some of the gear teeth with a gear marking compound. Turn the ring gear so that the painted teeth come into contact with the spur gear. Move it in both directions enough to get a clearly defined pattern. Check the patterns on the gears and make the necessary corrections. * Shaft bearings and shaft seals sold separately for each application

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What’s in each of our kits?

The components Yukon Gear Pack and Installer (4X4 front and rear) Yukon Master Overhaul Tool Kit Yukon differential bearing set US Standard Overhaul Tool Kit US standard differential bearing Transtar differential bearing set Ring & Rack X Koyo Bearing XXX Timken Bearing XXX Bearing & lanyard bearing XXXXXX Bearing & lanyard XXXXXX Rack rod XXXXXX Cylindrical bearing XXXX Shaft seal XXXXXX Shaft seal (FOR FRONT AND REAR XXX ONLY) Marker Compound and Brush XXXXXX Crush Sleeve QTY- 2 QTY- 2 QTY- 2 QTY- 1 QTY – 1 QTY – 1 Gasket or RTV XXXXXX Loctite XXXXXX Ring Gear Bolts XXX Complete Shim Kit XXX Pinion Shim Kit XXX

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