cube world how to ride pets

Tutorial on how to tame and ride pets in Cube World was recently released on Steam. After six long years since its alpha release in 2013, Cube World is finally available as a polished product on Steam for £17.99. While it may look like a Minecraft game on the surface, there are a lot of unique aspects that make traversing its procedurally generated cubic world as enjoyable as the ability to tame and ride. pet. Cube World’s five-year disappearance is attributed to mental health issues in a very candid blog post by the developer. Its rebirth is arguably one of the biggest shockers and most uplifting stories of the year, and those who purchased the alpha will be able to witness the culmination of the exciting story for free. admirer since the days of 2013, you’ll discover how to tame and ride its many pets below.

How to tame pets in Cube World

Read more: How to make red oak look like white oak There are dozens of pets in Cube World, and the key to taming them is to stuff their mouths with a specific type of food. So yes, you are buying their affection and obedience by fattening them up. slay creatures where the only crime is, and usually just explore the almost limitless landscape. That is or you can simply buy the necessary food from the item shop. Once you have the necessary food for the animal you want to tame, all you need to do then is to reach them with the meal equipped in the Pet Slot. You can find a list of pet foods by clicking here.

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How to ride a pet in Cube World

Read more: how to use clove oil to anesthetize fish The reins must be found in every region and not all pets can ride. You can ride animals like Crocodiles (if you’re feeling particularly brave and daring), as well as horses, cats, rabbits and – if you’re not in a rush – turtles. Unfortunately, you cannot ride the monkey. You also cannot ride a Penguin or a Crab.

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