csr 2 how to get gold keys

What are the keys in CSR2 and what do you need them for


The keys are one, if not the currency in CSR2. With keys you pay for rare fusion parts, level 6 upgrades and they are the only real way to get new cars. Therefore they are desirable and not easy to obtain.

How to get the Key in CSR2

Yes, of course you can just buy the key but do you really want to? I won’t do it, why? Simple, too expensive. There is good news for you, you can earn keys. And there are even several ways to do it. Some of them are even barely complicated. Read: csr 2 ways to get gold key

Get Keys from Daily Bonus

You can get the Daily Bonus once a day, make sure you don’t miss it. Easy loot, all you have to do is open the game and collect bonuses.

Get keys from daily battles

The Daily Fight also takes just a few minutes to do, it’s a race you can easily win every time. With 4-5 races per day (every 4 hours) you will unlock 5 Gold Keys in 20-25 days and earn some silver and bronze keys on the go.

Get Keys from the Weekly Prize Trophy

Read more: How to waterproof fabric with beeswax You can get 75 Silver Keys from the Prize Trophy every week. You need to do 50 races, this sounds like a lot but you will also make money from it. 50 races for $12,000 each generate 600,000 cash.

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Get Keys from Live Race every 8 hours

While piloting Live Races to earn respect for your crew, you’ll also earn 10 Silver Keys and 150 Bronze Keys. Every 8 hours if you want.

Get Keys from Milestone Rewards

If your crew is successful and targets the Landmark car, you’ll earn 400 Bronze Keys, 60 Silver Keys, and 3 Gold Keys per season. Not bad.

Key in CSR2 – monthly income

You will be able to earn many keys per month, see what can happen in the table below. Trophy After One Season30 Limited ChallengeOne Season40050 Performance TrialOne Season40050 Trophy One Season60 Monthly Income14450151011

How to use Keys in CSR2

Open the copper barrel

Read more: Baby Knotted Scarf Patterns cost 100 Regular Bronze Keys or 350/400/500/700 Bronze Keys per try, depending on level and event – this is ALWAYS a game risk play. Even the “Loyalty” bonus can include double Stage 6 upgrades or other things you can’t use and need. However, I would recommend opening brass boxes only during events, such as to maximize your Prestige Cup car.

Open the silver box

Silver boxes cost 50 silver keys per try or 75 for manufacturer-specific boxes. It’s not a big gamble if you use them on 15 tries during the Prestige Cup, as the Prestige Cup car’s loyalty reward is then guaranteed. Most of the time you need little silver keys to get the car, without the warranty. Manufacturer specific boxes are not valid and should be avoided at all costs.

Open the box of gold

Gold Crates cost 10 Gold Keys per try – not really a gamble if you use them for 7 tries during special events, Loyalty Rewards guarantee the car you want. Everything else is a waste of money, you should avoid that at all costs.

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