Conan Exiles Goldstone Farm! 3 Most Effective Methods

Video Conan exile where to find gold Deutsch en 1EnglishGoldstone seems to be a rare resource for Conan Exiles players to this day. But it’s actually not that hard to find or produce. In this guide, we’ll show you how!Reading: where do exiles find goldGold is very rare: It may not surprise you, but Goldstone is one of the rarest raw materials in the Conan Exiles survival RPG. You can only find desirable material in a few places on the map. Icon_goldIt remains a mystery to many players exactly what you can do with it. That’s why in this Conan Exiles Guide we show you how and where you can farm Goldstone and what you can gain from it!

How to get large amount of Goldstone in Conan Exiles

Here is the Location: The easiest way to mine Goldstone is to find veins of volcanic obsidian to the north. Breaking this thing will give you quite a bit of Goldstone, but mining obsidian won’t fulfill Scrooge McDuck’s dream of bathing in gold. It is very rare for a goldstone to jump out of the ore. Read more: Where the Focus Goes to the Energy Line (2021) – Checklist of 9 Facts The forests on the east side of the map also give you gold. But only if you are actively looking for it. Because in sunken boxes on the bottom of the ocean, people hide a piece of gold or another piece of gold.conan-exiles-goldstein-goldstone-farmen-farmHere is the easiest way: Who doesn’t know this saying: “I look like I could earn gold?” Maybe this sentence doesn’t work in English that way, but the German sentence sounds pretty accurate, believe me! So in Conan Exiles you can’t just look like that, you can actually have a Goldstone waste animal! Because of the Rocknoses, the animals that have recently been incorporated into the game, literally throw out stones, iron, crystals, and gold. There are different varieties and so there is a yellow veined Rocknose. If you feed your fish with rocks, their droppings will include the following substances:

  • 80% stone
  • 15% iron ore
  • 5% gold stone
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Read more: where is the mature movie | Q&A top If you have some gold-veined Rocknose, how often will you blow gold to the bottom – or out of it? I will leave that to you.conan-exiles-goldstein-goldstone-gold-ader-steinnase-gold-ven-rocknose

How to Get a Rocknose Gold-Vein!

You need a lot of luck: Getting a stone nose is child’s play. Can’t get the yellow veined stone tip. First, you have to buy an egg. For 10 gold coins, dealer Shawna sells you an egg in the hyena den. However, you should buy many eggs at once, the reason why, you will find out soon after bringing this egg or many eggs into the medium. Put them in the compiler and wait. If you stay away from the incubating eggs, they will hatch faster. This process will then take about 7-8 minutes. Now you need any animal pens for which you use Pebblenoses, so called pre-development. Now it all depends on the food you give your Rocknose. To get Gold-Vein Rocknose, you have to feed the animal gold, more precisely:

  • Golden dust: 6% chance that a Rocknose with a yellow vein will develop.
  • Glossy Gold Dust: 12% chance of getting a Rocknose Gold-Vein.

15 minutes later you will get your results. If you don’t get the Gold-Vein Rocknose, just try again! But if you’re a lucky bastard in Conan Exiles and it works instantly, you can expect a steady flow of gold. Here are our 3 methods to get Goldstone in Conan Exiles! If you know anything else, feel free to share it with us in the comments! Read more: How to find a great smoking spot | Top Q&A

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