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Destination country: Tajikistan View road map »» Sightseeing itinerary, cities: Dushanbe – Base Camp Visiting time: 27 days / 26 nights Best time to travel: June/AugustThe Communist Peak is the highest peak on the territory of the former Soviet Union; very impressive and famous, located in the Northwest of Pamir. The peak was discovered in 1928, during the Soviet-German scientific expedition, and was at first until 1962 known as Stalin’s Peak, then renamed Communist Peak. In 1999, when Tajikistan became an independent country, it was renamed again the Ismail Somoni peak, in honor of the founder of the first state of the Tajiks (in the 10th century). The capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe – was the departure point of the expedition. The most convenient approach is to choose to arrive at Dushanbe by international flights, which currently have international flights from Istanbul, Munich and Moscow. The option to reach Dushanbe from Tashkent (via Samarkand) seems interesting to those who want to do a sightseeing program along Samarkand’s world famous sights after finishing the summit. from the current Dushanbe – a helicopter flight. Now there aren’t any walking opportunities that would have been passable a few years ago because of the difficulties in crossing. There are two options for getting to the Peak Communism Base Camp on Moskvina Glade: – Directly from Dushanbe. – By car from Djirgital and beyond is Base camp at an altitude of 4200 m. above sea level, near the confluence of the Walter and Moskvina glaciers (Eastern tributaries of the Fortambek Glacier). It is the most convenient and safest departure point for the ascent to Communism and the Korjenevskaya heights because of the shorter approach. After your flight to Base Camp, we recommend doing an amazing 2-4 day trek across the Fortambek Glacier to Suloeva Island. You can enjoy the view of the Pamir giants such as the top of Russia, the top of Moscow, the Tramplinnyi glacier – the spring of constant avalanches. Vorob’eva Peak (5691 m) and Chetyreh Peak (6299 m) are used for migration very often. They are located pretty close to Base Camp. It is possible to reach the summit of Vorob’eva in a day, to the summit of Chetyreh – in 2-3 days. Two peaks – Vorob’eva and Chetyreh have many visible points. You can see amazing panoramas to the surrounding peaks, especially the highest of them: Communism and the Korjenevskaya peak. You have to factor in the height of Communism at the top of 7000 m and that means altitude climbing. The way to the top is technically difficult, and the existence of cunning factors such as unpredictable weather and high altitude can play a role in determining the success or failure of your expedition. For the expedition to be successful, you will be required to have good physical training, essential equipment and proper acclimatization. Program of the tour «The pinnacle of communism»: 1 day Go to Dushanbe. Pick up at the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Free time for walking in the city, visiting the market, etc. Day 2 Transfer to the airport, take a flight to Moskvina glade, stay in the Base camp of Communist Peak. Day 3 People familiar with the area. The day is ready to go up. 4th Climb to the top of Vorobiova (5691m). Night at camp 1 (5300 m). Day 5 Expeditions to Vorobiova Peak. Down to the Base Camp of the Peak of Communism. Day 6-7 Day off. Day 8 The ascent to the Peak of Communism. Climb to Camp 1 (5300 m.). The route goes along the right side of Walter Glacier to the helipad, then it crosses the glacier and reaches the tip of the Borodkina ridge. 9th Climb Camp 2 (5800 m.) 10th Down to base camp. Day 11 Day off. You have a good ability to walk around picturesque areas, to create a variety of colorful pictures. 12nd Day off. 13th Go up to Camp 1 (5100 m). Day 14 Go up to Camp 2 (5800 m). 15th Go up to Camp 3 on the Pamir Plateau. In the early morning, we started to climb to the top of the two-headed mountain known as “bosom”. The 16th Go up to Camp 4 on Dushanbe Peak (6900 m). The not technically difficult part; we are moving along the links along the icy slope north to Dushanbe Peak, not reaching the top, making the road pass to the left. If you are not strong enough, you can camp at an altitude of 6400 m or 6700 m. Day 17 Up to the top – 7495 m. The route goes along the snowy slope on the left side of the rock (trapezoid), then along the snowy “knife” of the summit. The top of the mountain looks like a small rocky beach with memorable as the top! 18th Camp 2 (5800 m). Day 19 Down to base camp. Day 20-25 Reserve days in case of bad weather. 26th Helicopter flight to Dushanbe. Eat in the hotel. 27th Departure from Dushanbe.Photos of the tour «The pinnacle of communism»: Communism 1103 2new com 01 381 4see all photos of Peak Communism »» to top »»new com 02 5Heritage group tours:

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