Can’t update Uplay games? Here’s what you can do

Ubisoft is probably one of the biggest game publishers on the market today. It may not be the most stable program of its kind, but it does quite well. However, many users have complained on the official forums that they are having problems updating their games through Uplay. , but when I started the game, the overlay started looking for patches and it said it couldn’t update, so I ignored it and started playing the game. Is this happening to someone? Other users have said that whenever they press the Update button right below the game’s icon in Uplay, nothing happens. However, if they try to verify the game’s files, it won’t authenticate the game.

How do I update my Uplay game?

Please note that this is a solution not an official fix, so make sure you make a backup of your game installation files before trying this.

  • Go location settings Your Uplay Game
    • This location changes depending on where you choose to install Uplay
  • Change name the game’s folder you can’t update to anything else, but do NOT delete
  • Launch Coating
    • In your list of installed games, the game you renamed will now be missing from your library
  • Proceed to find the game in your game list and click Download
  • Before pressing Continue after you select the installation location, come back go to your Uplay folder and change name the game is back to how it was before
  • Now go back to the setup wizard and click Continue
    • Now instead of downloading files, Uplay will discover those that are already installed
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  • Uplay will now finish downloading any updates NOT installed up to that point.
  • Launch game
  • Rename Ubisoft gameIf you follow these steps, you should be able to successfully update pretty much any Uplay game. Some incompatibilities between Uplay and Steam and Ubisoft games downloaded via Steam can only be handled through Steam. the title has pretty big patches.RELATED ARTICLES YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT:

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