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Bread omelette The recipe or The Omelette Bread is a simple recipe with a mixture of omelettes and slices of bread. This is similar to the sandwich recipe with an omelet stuffed in the middle of the bread. Check out related quick breakfast recipes or healthy breakfasts on the blog like Spanish omelettes, stovetop oatmeal, scrambled egg whites, etc. Go to:

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About the recipe


It’s a delicious and quick breakfast or snack recipe that can be catered for by kids and mostly it can be served as a school snack or an evening snack. It is also delicious when eaten with ketchup or chili sauce can also be spread on bread with chili sauce. Usually breakfast starts with bread and butter but the main ingredient is bread which can be used to make a number of other recipes and I would love to post more recipes with bread, possibly as a side dish. snacks, desserts or sandwiches, etc.

What kind of bread do you use?

Bread is very healthy if we replace white bread with brown bread and it will be a healthier choice if one is looking for healthy bread recipes… Here, I used normal bread but if we want to choose healthy meals i would suggest to go for brown bread. If you are short on time then this breakfast recipe is definitely a must try. This omelette requires only slices of bread and omelette mix and to make it simpler, just dip the bread slices through the omelette and cook until perfectly…

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Egg: I am using eggs by whisking both the white and the yellow part together. It’s better to choose organic eggs for a healthier option.Spice: Use basic spices available in the kitchen such as salt, paprika, and pepper and simply cook to make the seasoning less spicy.Oil: I am using cooking oil but for better health, adding olive oil is the best option. Bread: White bread is better for a tasty product but for more health benefits replace it with brown bread.


Beat the eggs and then add the dry spices such as salt, red chili powder, turmeric, and black pepper. Place the beaten egg mixture on the Tawa and place the bread slices on top of the omelette and cook. This is the fastest and simplest way to make an omelet and is a great choice for adults and children alike for breakfast or for a quick snack recipe. One person can do this recipe in many different ways. Here, I used a simple omelette mix but one could use a masala omelette mix or a cheese omelette mix or any other mix of our choice…

Step by step procedure

Check out the detailed steps below.

  • First, you take a bowl, crack the eggs into the bowl.

  • Go there, Add salt to taste, red chili powder, turmeric powder and black pepper powder.

seasoning is added to the egg mixture

  • Stir the mixture. Beat the mixture evenly without lumps.

Beat egg mixture in bowl

  • Heat the tawa/grill and place over low heat. Add oil/buffalo butter and heat.

Oil heating on Gridldle

  • Pour in the omelet mixture and spread evenly.

egg mixture poured over heated tawa

  • Dip a slice of bread into the omelette mixture, then flip the bread and place on top of the omelette. Just coat one side of the bread with the omelet mixture, then flip the other side and set it.
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slices of bread dipped in cooking omeletteFlip and cook slices of bread

  • Follow this to coat the bread with omelette on both sides.
  • Similarly, dip the other slices of bread on the omelette then flip the breads and place them on the omelette. If making a large omelette, order 4 pieces of bread.

two slices of bread on a delicious cooking omelet

  • Cook the bread omelette to perfection on both sides over medium heat. Be sure to flip it carefully from side to side where the slices of bread are attached.

cook by flipping bread with omelette

  • Remove the sandwich bread omelette from the Tawa and slice the bread diagonally and serve hot…

cut cooked bread omelette




To make it a different style, simply dip the bread, which can be white or brown in color, into the beaten egg mixture and toast the slices or slices of bread dip both sides on the pan like toast. Here’s a better alternative to making this dish. recipe and please refer to that post of mine for more details. Some of the other egg recipes or anda recipes on the blog are egg paratha, masala omelette.


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